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The role of homeopathy in treating Inferiority Complex

Dr. (Mrs.) B.S.Suvarna

Inferiority Complex is a condition nourished by a person’s own mental state, which is due to a person’s own weaknesses and is accompanied by a feeling of self distortment. Homoeopathy has a role to perform in the treatment of inferiority complex.

The expression "inferiority complex" first came into fashion in the psychoanalytic school of Freud and was amplified by the great psychoanalyst Jung Adler and other pupils of Freud. It is quite clear however, that the condition of "inferiority complex" was known at all times and was more or less successfully treated by physicians under the most varied names, morbid timidity, misanthropy, stage fright, the shakes, lack of self confidence and many others. At the present day when the causes and consequences of this condition are well known, its medical treatment has scarcely gone beyond the narrow circle of specialists.

What is Inferiority Complex?

  • It is in part of a conscious for the most part however, unconscious condition due to a person’s own weaknesses which impels him to withdraw himself.

  • It is a condition which is often accompanied by a feeling of self- torment or even self – destruction. Drives a person to make himself even more insignificant than he really is and who there fore avoids comparing himself with others or measuring himself against them.

  • It is a condition that is nourished by one’s own mental state in a truly ominous circle, made worse by failures and defeats in association with the world.
The causes of this complex are very deeply rooted and when one asks the sufferer about it, he is not able to give a satisfactory answer only by means of psychoanalysis with its process of finding explanations as a result of testing of the interpretation of dreams and so forth, has it become possible to unravel the deep causes of the unconscious in us and to clarify it. All persons are exposed to the same degree the danger of falling environment and hereditary pre-dispositions as well as the influence of society. What weapons are at the disposal of the physician to support the patient in dealing with his inhibitions?

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