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Homoeopathic treatment for burns

Dr. Pawan S. Chandok

Homoeopathic remedies are known to be effective first aid remedies. Many remedies are also used as first aid measure for burns, which heal and relieve the pain.

Heat, friction, or chemicals cause burns whereas hot liquids cause scalds.

If burns are extensive then there is a danger of shock as well as infection. Any burn that is bigger than the palm of the hand needs medical attention.

Stages of Burns
First degree burn affects the outer layer of skin and causes heat, redness and pain.
A second degree burn causes damage to the dermis layers below the skin and results in blistering.

A third degree burn destroy both the upper and lower layers of skin as well the nerves endings. If there is much dead tissue in the burn it may easily become septic. This burn causes pain followed by numbness and loss of sensation.

Second and third degree burns can be dangerous because the body may loose a lot of fluid through them as well as go into shock.

First AID Care

  • Call the emergency services immediately.
  • Do your best to remove the injured person from the source of the burn or fire without hurting yourself.
  • If a person is on fire push them to the ground and smother the fire with a heavy fabric.
If used early it will prevent the formation of blisters. This is the most used remedy. Scalds, burns and sunburns with vesicular character, blisters, and superficial ulceration. Small vesicles coalesce to form larger blisters. Burns and scalds with rawness and burning better > by cold applications, followed by undue inflammation. Tetanic or epileptiform convulsions follow by coma. Extensive burns cause renal complications. Patient is worse touch, approach and better rest. Use internally and externally in lotion.

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