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Homeopathic management of Sick School Syndrome

Dr Rita Chakraborty

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When to call the Doctor?
If the child has positive symptoms of Sick School Syndrome such as otherwise unexplained headache, fatigue, nausea, shortness of breath, Sinus congestion, sneezing, increased frequency of stool; cough, eyes, nose, throat and skin irritation and dizziness or if other children at school are exhibiting symptoms. Even if it turns out that they are not related to school, the symptoms could mean the child has another problem that needs medical attention.
Some days, it seems as if the child spends as much time at school as she or he does at home. As a parent, you worry about whether she does her homework, understands her lessons and gets along with her class mates.
But parents should be concerned about whether the child’s school environment or school building is making her sick? The federal government in a 1995 study found that half of the nation’s schools have poor ventilation and significant sources of pollution inside the building. For a child with asthma, particularly, indoor pollutants can be a problem.

A 7 yr old, 3rd standard child suffering from unexplained headache and giddiness since 3 to 4 yrs. He always comes back home with head ache and giddiness from school. Headache all over the head. It remains till he sleeps, morning no headache. He was investigated thoroughly (EEG & MRI) and everything was found to be normal. He was given allopathic and ayurvedic treatment but no improvement.

He is fair, fat, and flabby. He sweats a lot all over body and more on head and it is offensive. His bowel habit is no regular, once in 2-3 days but not hard. Sometimes he passes small quantity stool unknowingly. He is very jolly, attractive child but gets angry fast and shouts. His likings are egg³, meat³, sweets³, aversion to milk².He was given calcarea carb 200. calcarea carb up to 1M was continued. He improved, especially in his bowel habits which became normal but there was no remarkable improvement in headache or giddiness. So his mother was asked to enquire about his behavior at school. It was found that he is very quiet at school. He does his work and talks to limited people. Then the boy was questioned and it was found that he is being isolated by his classmates. When he was questioned why? He answered, “what to do they ignore me”

In the homoeopathic medical repertory chapter ‘CHILDREN’ was referred and the rubric selected was – rejected feeling. Drugs were – ignatia, nat mur, puls, staph and thuja. Nat mur carried 3 markings, rest all were 1 mark. Nat mur 1M 1dose was given. He was called after 15 days. He reported after 1month, he was 90% better. He was given placebo for another month.

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