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Homeopathic management of Sick School Syndrome

Dr Rita Chakraborty

What is sick school syndrome? It is a condition with a variety of vague symptoms experienced by school going children. Read about how you can help your children in the treatment of sick school syndrome.

It is a condition composed of a variety of vague symptoms experienced by school going children. The most common symptoms of Sick School Syndrome are headache, fatigue, Shortness of breath. Sinus congestion, sneezing, increased frequency of stool; coughing and nausea have also been reported, as well as eyes, nose, throat and skin irritation and dizziness.

Sick School Syndrome is hard to nail down because there are usually no easily identifiable causes for the variety of problems and symptoms that people are experiencing.

The most common contributing factor is the emotional level adjustment power of the children with school environment. It plays an important role to produce Sick School Syndrome. They are coming from the different status and their lifestyle. This is the vulnerable age, where their emotional state is highly changeable and touchy.

The adjustment capacity is also not developed properly. So when their emotion is affected it will be expressed through their physical expression, as they cannot express their emotion.

The second most frequent contributing factor though, is poor indoor air quality, even it can be difficult to point out. Indoor air pollutants are the most common problems in buildings that do not have enough ventilation. Without ventilation, too much moisture can lead to moulds and bacteria. So ventilating is fundamental.Moisture can also contribute to the development of a sick building.if roof leaks and carpets are damp,they can become a breeding ground for bacteria moulds and fungi that can make people addition, house keeping supplies, chemicals, pesticides can add to the problem. Children with asthma are particularly susceptible to indoor pollutants.

Can Sick School Syndrome be Treated?
There is no specific test for Sick School Syndrome. The most important way to diagnose the illness is to keep written records of when your child experiences the symptoms in question and whether they appear when your child is at school.

If it is due to the adjustment problem, it is very often noticed that child is very jolly, active at home and any other environment except school or they hesitate to go to school and very often they complain “school is not good”. Sometimes they are very quiet and in their own world. So it is very essential to make an enquiry to know the cause as the measures are to be taken accordingly.

If it is due to indoor air pollutants, the best way to treat the illness triggered by them is to fix the environment problem. The basic methods for getting rid of indoor air pollution are removal or relocation of source of pollution, providing exhaust system in rooms where there are pollutants, such as science labs, industrial arts, classrooms and copy machine rooms. Improving ventilation throughout the school, planning use of chemicals for times when children are not in school such as waxing floors on the weekends using clean air filter in ventilation system and making sure the school staff is familiar with importance of clean indoor air.

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