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Home Remedies for Common Ailments

Renuka Berry

It is so easy to cure certain ailments through the simplest means available in every household. The knowledge of such easy to use home remedies can make life so comfortable for us. The following is an assortment of tried and true home remedies from a variety of sources. Many people have found the following treatments to be an effective alternative to modern medicines or treatments.

The following is an assortment of tried and true home remedies from a variety of sources. Many people have found the following treatments to be an effective alternative to modern medicines or treatments.

To lessen the effects of acetaldehyde, a by-product produced in your body from consuming alcohol, and what causes hangover symptoms, never drink on a empty stomach. To lessen the effects of hangovers is Eating a large quantity of any member of the Cole family of vegetables (like cabbage) prepared in a acidic base before you start drinking.

A night of heavy drinking tends to dehydrate one's body. The morning after, replenish water loss and possible electrolytes imbalances by drinking plenty of fluids, include something on the salty side like chicken soup, or canned tomato juice. Be careful if you have high blood pressure, kidney disease or if you must watch your sodium intake.

The garden variety vitamin B in 50 mg tablets taken before you start drinking is said to help replenish it's loss from the body due to consumption of large amount of alcohol. If you already are suffering from the symptoms of a hangover and don't mind trying something that sounds totally ridiculous, try rubbing a cut lemon under each armpit. If you want to quit drinking try sucking on a whole clove. It's known to be effective in getting rid of the urge to consume alcoholic beverages.

Effective Deodorants
Mix two parts of cornstarch to one part baking soda. Best if used right after bathing. Try cutting up a big cucumber that's high in magnesium and an effective natural deodorant. So is plain old vinegar. Its high alcohol content will destroy bacteria that causes unpleasant orders. Don't worry, that vinegar smell goes away in about twenty minutes to half an hour.

Minor Bruises, Sprains, Bangs, Pains
Apply ice or anything that's really cold on the No ice? Try a package of frozen vegetables. Many people suggest adding a grated onion and potato to a bowl of warm water for soaking your sore hand or foot. Pro athletes use the potato trick to relive minor swelling and soreness of injured fingers.

Simply cut a large enough hole in the potato, plunge in your sore digit, and watch the starch in the potato do the trick.

Cut out a small piece of a regular brown paper bag of the type you bring home the groceries in. Dip in vinegar (white vinegar seems to work better) and place on forehead Your minor headache should be gone shortly! One off-beat remedy that may work at times simply requires that you flail your arms vigorously for several minutes. Most headaches are caused by constriction of blood vessels inside your head. By moving your arms as described, you reduce some blood flow, and may reduce swelling of affected vessels that give you the headache in the first place. Stop if you feel any discomfort, increased pain or get light-headed.

Try a small glass of cooked cabbage or carrot juice. Grapefruit juice also works well as does prunes, figs, oat bran, over ripe bananas, avocados, raw apples, sauerkraut and beets. A small daily salad works well as does daily exercise. Foods that are known to cause constipation include alcoholic beverages, food with refined white flour, most spicy foods, all dairy products and chocolate.

Drink a glass of room temperature water mixed with a good sized teaspoon of cornstarch. Repeat after three or four hours.

Another effective remedy is allowing a grated apple to brown, then slowly eat it. One of the oldest remedies for diarrhea is blackberries. Try blackberry wine, or blackberry jam. About two ounces every three hours should give relief. A just barely ripe banana, white rice and any flavor Jell-O also provides an effective home cure that tends to work by soaking up excess water in your intestines and stops diarrhea naturally - without harsh medications.

Two effective treatments are lemon juice or witch hazel. Rub a small amount in the affected area with a cotton swab before going to bed. Each treatment may sting slightly. Also try rubbing in the oil from several vitamin E capsules.

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