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A Case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Dr. Urvashi Chugh

Irritable bowel syndrome is a condition, which is becoming very common with no definite cure in the conventional science. Here, we give a case of irritable bowel syndrome treated with homoeopathic medicines.

Mr. R.C.Khurana, Senior Manager by profession came to me with the complaint of pain in lower abdomen which was persisting for past 2-3 years. This pain did not increase or decrease with any kind of food or drinks. Along with pain, patient had feeling of gas in abdomen. His appetite had decreased to 1-2 chapatis per day only. Stool was semisolid, scanty and slimy which passed involuntarily after undue straining . He was a diagnosed case of irritable bowel syndrome.

When he came to my clinic for the first time, he seemed very nervous. He was very much worried about his pain in abdomen inspite of my reassurance.

On further enquiry, he told me that he had impulsive thoughts coming to his mind in almost every situation . For instance he has the feeling that he cannot do his work properly and in time. He will not be able to reach office in time, so he would leave much earlier. He could not attend meetings before he revised the presentation 3-4 times. Even after that, he starts speaking so fast during presentations as he fears that he will forget everything if he speaks slowly.

He told that his son had to appear for an interview for which everyone in family was confident but he was so nervous and preoccupied with the thoughts about what will happen. He stopped going to office 2 days prior to his son’s interview even though he had nothing much to contribute.

One day he called up his wife from office, but nobody picked up the phone. He got so upset about what had happened that he took half day leave from office to ensure that everything was fine at home. On reaching home, to his surprise there was nobody at home. He called up his relatives to trace his wife who had gone there for a social visit. She said that she would be back in 2 hours time. But those 2 hours were the worst time of his life. He had some sort of fear in his mind on being alone which he could not explain but felt absolutely normal on his wife’s returning back.

Such episodes happened a couple of times in his life which he felt were not normal.

On the basis of the above symptoms following rubrics were selected:
Abdomen;PAIN; sore, bruised, tenderness etc.
Stool; MUCOUS, slimy
Rectum; CONSTIPATION; ineffectual urging and straining; involuntary stool followed by
Mind; FEAR; alone of being
Mind; hurry; time for the appointed, to arrive
Mind; Impulsive
Mind; Hypochondriasis
Mind; Anticipation aggr.

Results of Repertorisation

Arg. Nit. 29/12
Ars. Alb. 22/9
Ign. 21/9

Arg. nit.1M 3 doses stat was given followed by S/L for 15 days.

In his next visit after 15 days, the patient was much better of his nervousness. His pain in abdomen was much better. There was no more involuntary passage of stool, but urge to stool still remained.

I gave him S/L 30 for another 15 days after which he was 80-85% better.

This case was a diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome. After deeply analysing the case by going through mind section of Phoenix Repertory, I realised that each and every symptom relating to human psyche is beautifully covered in mind section. Only requirement is critical examination of each symptom presented by patient and finding a suitable rubric for the symptom.

The interpretation of Irritable Bowel Syndrome as given in Manual Of Gastroenterology is listed below:

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Long standing bowel dysfunction associated with abdominal pain for which no organic cause can be found-Bowel habit is disturbed by diarrhoea or constipation occurring alone or alternating.


  • Disturbances of motility in the colon.
  • Psychological disturbances especially anxiety and hypochondriasis.
  • Some patients relate the onset to an attack of infective diarrhoea, in others certain foods may precipitate the attack.

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