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How Safe are Hepatitis B Vaccinations?

Dr. Sharad Shangloo

Are vaccines completely safe? What do the recent studies suggest? Let us explore into the truths of vaccination that have been established with recent researches.

There are many side effects of hepatitis B vaccination. In India, there is no follow up of the patients hence complications and adverse reactions are not reported.

Professor Bonnie Dunbar Ph.D. a professor of cellular biology (Houston, USA) has investigated the hepatitis B vaccine reactions and found that many people were affected with severe autoimmune and Lupus like symptoms, rheumatoid arthritis and neurological dysfunction.

Dr. Philip Incao M.D., a private physician in testimony before Ohio house of representatives Columbus, Ohio on March 1, 1999 stated that there are many reports in international medical literature even dating as far back as 1987 stating that hepatitis B vaccinations is causing immune diseases and neurological diseases in children and adults.

In 1996 alone there were 827 serious adverse reactions in children under 14 years (NVIC, USA) and there were 13 deaths after hepatitis B vaccine alone. On May 18, 1999 there was a US senate congressional hearing by its subcommittee on vaccine complaints like adult sclerosis, paralysis, arthritis, mental confusion and death. Professor Bonnie stated that many of the adverse reactions are similar to the virus.

Animal experimentation that should have alerted manufacturers and government agencies to the dangers of neurologic and auto immune complications from hepatitis B vaccine.

Stohlman and Weiner in 1981 showed that the mouse DNA virus JHM causes acute and chronic demyelination. They suggested with supporting data that an antibody mediated the chronic disease. This was because during the course of the disease no active virus was found.

Buchmeir, et al, in 1983 found in their model system of JHM infection in mice that "antibody response to precisely defined regions on a viral glucoprotien may induce profound changes in the pathogenesis of the infection". Dal Canto, et al, in 1982 reviewed experimental models of virus induced demyelination. They cite the work of Lindsley and others that demonstrated that a specific MHC class I antigen from the host must coexist in affected animals. This suggests that the antigenic make up of the recipient will be a factor in the development of an autoimmune demyelination.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Victims in France Sue: France suspends Hepatitis B Vaccine Mandate
In October 1998, the Minister of Health in France suspended the hepatitis B vaccine requirement for school children after repeated reports of the development of autoimmune and neurological disorders after hepatitis B vaccination. The action came following reports in the medical literature as well as lawsuits against vaccine manufacturers and the French government.

According to a July 31, 1998 issue of science, an American scientific journal, French attorneys representing 15,000 French citizens have filed a lawsuit against the French government, accusing it of understating the vaccine's risks and exaggerating the benefits for the average person. One French physician has reportedly collected data of more than 60 people suffering from serious immune and neurological dysfunction following hepatitis B vaccination, many with symptoms resembling multiple sclerosis.

Litigation by hepatitis B vaccine victims and citizens seeking informed consent to vaccination and is being reinforced by data from France released at the 62nd Annual meeting of the American College of Rheumatology, held from November 8 to 12, 1998 in San Diego, California linking hepatitis B vaccine to the development of autoimmune rheumatoid diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. The French data confirms a 1998 Canadian study published in the Journal of Rheumatology (1998:25: 1687-93) by Pope et al discussing evidence that the recombinant hepatitis B vaccine reactions are similar to the virus criminal justice regarding hepatitis B, vaccine. During the hearing many witnesses complained that following hepatitis B neurological complications in children developed and in adults, serious rashes, joint pains and multiple sclerosis developed.

The court of France ordered to pay roughly 23000 dollars against Smith Kline Beecham Company.

Hepatitis B Vaccine Contains Mercury
A joint statement issued by US Public Health Services and the American Academy of Paediatrics on 7.7.1999 demanded that mercury contents in hepatitis B vaccine must be eliminated and new born infants should not be vaccinated. Thimmersol, a mercury compound is used as a preservative in hepatitis B vaccine and other vaccines also. It can cause brain damage.

Mass Vaccine Camps Unjustified
Mass vaccination camps, which are in vogue in some parts of the country by some organisations, are wholly unjustified.

Vaccines are not the only Disease Prevention Option
Documented safe and effective alternatives to vaccination have been available for decades but suppressed by the medical establishment.

Most parents feel compelled to take some disease preventing action for their children while there is no guarantee anywhere, there are viable alternatives historically, homoeopathy has been more effective than allopathic mainstream medicine.

And since these remedies have no toxic components, they have no side effects. In addition, homoeopathy has been effective in reversing some of the disability caused by vaccine reaction, as well as many other chronic conditions with which allopathic medicine has had little success.

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