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Growing Age, Decreasing Beauty

Mamta Payal Sinha

Are there ways to improve your skin and tone without risking breakouts or an allergic reaction ? Does it have to be so time consuming or expensive to get a glow? Getting great skin is easier than we may think. Here are some useful easy tips on how to get that glow safety naturally even from your “kitchen”.

As one grows, age starts reflecting on the face. Ageing is inevitable but in one takes proper care on oneself, the beauty can be retained. Between 35-40 years of age, one starts getting wrinkles on the face, which can be avoided by regular exercise and therapies such as facial massage. We can follow four major techniques for taking care of skin, which are as follows:

Cleansing: The skin, which is not properly cleaned, can never be healthy. By using cleansing techniques, the extra oil and dust can be removed from the skin.

Toning: By using this technique, the blood circulation of the skin can be improved along with the skin colour and tissues.

Nourishing: By this technique, the inner softness of the skin is retained. Hence one should use nourishing creams and lotions.

Moisturising: By moisturising the skin the inner softness of the skin is retained and prevents harm being mode to the skin from external factors. As one ages, one requires to moisturise the face more frequently to keep the skin glowing and devoid of wrinkles.

Pimples or acne is considered to be a teenage problem, but many a times it has been observed that older people get these pimples too especially if they had not got them during their teenage. The main reasons for this could be the use of drugs, oral contraceptive pills, cosmetics, hereditary problems, constipation and spicy and oily food.

For prevention of this, one should use ‘besan’ for face wash instead of soaps. One should drink plenty of water and try to avoid mental stress and tension.

Some home made facial masks are good for skin to avoid blemishes acne and wrinkles.

Olive oil mask: Mix olive oil with lemon juice and apply. Wash after fifteen minutes.

Pudina mask: Mix fresh pudina leaves with rose water and apply. Wash after 15 minutes.

Neem mask: Apply mashed fresh neem leaves and wash after fifteen minutes.

These easy to use masks which do not require much time go a long way to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

Pigmentation is another problem faced by women with growing age. An easy remedy is to apply equal quantities of tulsi and lemon juices and leave for a few minutes and then wash.

Excessive hair on the face and body is another problem. You can take care of this by using lemon and tomato juice and applying it on the face. Wash it after 20 minutes with chilled water. This will give a bleaching effect.

Falling hair is another problem common in the elderly. This can be prevented by applying boiled, mashed urad dal kept overnight. The shine of hair can be improved by the use boiled neem and jujube plum leaves.

Deep Clean Skin with Mud Masks: Mud masks are an effective way to deep clean and reduce oil and acne problems. It is important to moisturise after using a need mask to avoid over drink the skin.

It all depends on you on how you maintain yourself. To maintain the beauty you just need a little effort at your end.

How to Use Proper Toners and Astringents?
Alcohol based toners, astringents are fine for use on oily skin. But if you are looking for a milder toner try with hazel cation. It you have rensitive skin you can get irritant contact dermatitis from alcohol based products. Toners, astringents with rosemary and sage help normatic the skin. It’s trath that sage also acts as an anti bacterial.

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