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Home Kit for the Elderly

Elderly people need a few special homoeopathic remedies in their medicine chest along with the other basic remedies that we had listed in our previous issues. The remedies needed for the elderly include Conium maculatum, Allium sativum, Avena sativa etc.

Conium maculatum
Conium maculatum is a remedy particularly suited to the elderly. The remedy affects nearly all the tissues and organs of the body. The complaints develop in a slow, progressive manner. It has the tendency of producing symptoms such as difficult gait, trembling, sudden loss of strength while walking and painful stiffness of legs etc.-these are the symptoms that generally develop in old age, a time of weakness, languor and local congestion and sluggishness.

Old age comes progressively with gradual changes in all organs of the body. Conium maculatum is a remedy that manifests its action on such changes occurring in old age. It corresponds to the debility, hypochondriasis, urinary troubles, weakened memory, s*x**l debility and other symptoms found in the old age.

Allium sativa
Allium sativum is suited to fleshy subjects with dyspepsia and catarrhal affections. It acts on the intestinal mucous membrane increasing peristalsis.

Avena sativa
Avena sativa is the best tonic for debility after nervous tremors in the aged, chorea, paralysis agitans and epilepsy.

A Basic Home Kit
Starter kit of 12 remedies: Aconite, Apis, Arnica, Belladonna, Bryonia, Chamomilla, Ferrum phosphoricum, Gelsemium, Ipecacuanha, Pulsatilla, Rhus toxicodendron, Sulphur.

A useful addition to the kit would be Calendula tincture or ointment.

Basic kit includes all the remedies in the starter kit and 12 more that include:
Allium cepa, Arsenicum album, Colocynth, Dioscorea, Euphrasia, Hepar sulph, Hypericum, Ledum, Lycopodium, Magnesia phosphorica, Mercurius, Nux vomica.

Intermediate kit with additional 24 remedies
Antimonium tart, Argentum nitricum, Bellis perennis, Calcarea carbonica, Causticum, Drosera, Dulcamara, Eupatorium perf, Jaborandi, Kali bichromicum, Lac caninum, Lachesis, Natrum muriaticum, Nitricum acidum, Phosphorus, Phytolacca, Podophyllum, Pyrogen, Ruta, Sanguinaria, Silica, Spigelia, Spongia, Urtica urens.

Comprehensive kit with an addition of another 24 remedies
Antimonium crud, Baptisia, Calcarea phosphorica, Camphora, Carbo vegetabilis, Cantharis, Cinchona, officinalis, Cocculus, Coffea, Cuprum, Glonoine, Hyoscymus, Ignatia, Iris, Kali carbonicum, Kreosotum, Mercurius cyanatus, Natrum sulphuricum, Petroleum, Rumex, Staphysagria, Sepia, Symphytum, Tabacum, Veratrum album.

Special Additions
Measles, mumps and chicken pox:
Antimonium tart, Camphora, Carbo veg, Jaborandi, Kali bichromicum, Phytolacca.

Travel sickness: Cocculus, Petroleum, Sepia, Staphysagria, Tabacum.

First aid: Arnica, Bellis perennis, Calcarea phos, Cantharis, Calendula, Causticum, Hypericum, Ledum, Silica, Symphytum.

Diarrhoea and vomiting: Antimonium crud, Antimonium tart, Carbo veg, Cinchona, Dulcamara, Natrum sulph, Phosphorus, Podophyllum, Sepia, Veratrum album.

Cystitis: Cantharis, Causticum, Kali muriaticum, Kali phosphoricum, Natrum muriaticum, sarsaparilla, Staphysagria.

Baryta carbonica
It is specially indicated in diseases of the old men when degeneration changes begin, cardiac, vascular and cerebral who have a hypertrophied prostate or indurated testes. It affects glandular structures and is useful in degenerative changes especially in the coats of the arteries, aneurysm and senility. It is also very useful in senile dementia as is indicted in the case study given elsewhere in this issue of the magazine.

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