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A Panacea on Earth - Wheat Grass

Dr. Urvashi Bandhu

Benefits of wheat grass have been known in the west for years. Referred to as ‘The Green Gold’, Wheat grass and its juice are a complete food in itself and any body can have it for a whole life.

Wheat grass is a humble grass that is full of nutrients and vitamins for the human body. In the form of fresh juice, it has high concentrations of chlorophyll, active enzymes, vitamins and other nutrients.

If taken by healthy person on a day to day basis (about 10 grams per day) it definitely serves as a preventive medicine, making the body's defensive mechanisms and immune system very strong to combat any germ or even virus that tries to attack its internal anatomy.

Benefits of wheat grass have been known in the west for years. Dr. Ann Wigmore, a pioneer of wheat grass therapy, has been using it to help people recover from chronic illness for the past three decades.

Wheat grass and its juice are a complete food in itself and any body can have it for a whole life. In certain cases of illness, patients are not able to have any solid food, sometimes they don't like having it too; there is no cause for worry, live on wheat grass juice and find the difference in your health. Wheat grass is referred to as The Green Gold. The most vital element of wheat grass is concentrated sun power. Wheat grass is blood purifier, increases the haemoglobin in the blood (people having low haemoglobin can safely take wheat grass and honey to bring it to the required level) and boosts up the functioning of all the systems of our body while eliminating toxins therefrom.

It neutralises infections, heals wounds, overcomes inflammations. It is also a great skin cleaner and can be poured in to the bath water for refreshing looks.

The best part is that it has live enzymes. Each enzyme performs a specific function within the body in conjunction with other enzymes and they control all the bodily functions. Enzymes help in curing dreaded diseases like cancer.
The three most important effects of wheat grass on the human body are : blood purification as mentioned earlier, detoxification and colon cleansing. This is because wheat grass is the richest source of vitamins A,B,C,E and K, Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium, Sulphur and seventeen forms of amino acids.

According to Dr. Bernaid Jensen, it only takes a few minutes to digest wheat grass juice and doing so uses up very little of the body's energy.

You can go on chewing it in the mouth and gulp down the residue. You can form a pump by putting it in your mixer-grinder and obtaining its juice by adding water. You can even cut it into very tiny bits and sprinkle it on salads as sandwiches. A one small glass or a cup of wheat grass is sufficient for consumption. It should be taken empty stomach.

You can wash your tired eyes with wheat grass juice. The grassy pulp can be put on sores, wounds and underneath the black circles of the eyes mixed with a little honey to facilitate healing.

People suffering from cancer, blood cancer (leukemia) and ulcers have responded amazingly within a few months. Disciplined life-style which includes fresh air, yogic asanas, dietary restrictions, sunlight, hydrotherapy, fasting, regular elimination of the bowels all work together in healing the patient faster. One should follow this routine strictly. After they are completely cured, their X-rays will show not a trace of the disease.

How to Grow Wheat Grass?
Take good quality of Desi variety of (big grain) wheat. Soak it overnight in water and then sprout them. Now take a flat tray and sow these sprouts in soil. Spread out the sprouted wheat seeds as evenly as possible and press the seeds softly, carefully and closely in the soil, so that proper contact is made with the soil. Now for first three days keep the tray indoors at room temperature and on the fourth day expose it to ample sunlight. Sprinkle water on it regularly and keep it to the sunlight in the mornings and evenings when the sun rays are not too direct. After seven to eight days you will find that wheat grass has grown 10-15 cms high. It is deep green in colour. Cut with scissors leaving about 1 cm from the base. If you want to have its juice daily keep several pots. You can keep wheat grass safely in refrigerator for five to six days keeping the same in foils. It will still retain its nutritional value.

Wheat grass is indeed a panacea on Earth and has brought many patients back to health, right from the jaws of death.

I must say:
'Health is precious heritage
It has very little to do with age
It's worth a billion
Caring won't cost a million
You will realize its true cost
Only when its truly lost.'

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