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Spiritual and Siddha Healing

Since childhood, we have grown up on a spiritual diet of stories of great saints. saints who could cure the dealdliest of disease by a mere look. Be it Shirdi Sai Baba, Shri Gorkhanathji, Baba Nityananda or Jesus Christ. Teir miraculous healing power has earned them many followers. Even today if you look at their photograph, you can feel radiation emanating from their tranquil eyes.

So how exactly does Shambhvi work? Two powerful shakti kiryas and Bhramand Kriya are used for healing. Shambhvi can heal even the deadliest of diseases, be it the kidney failure, heart aliment diabetes, arthritis or even cance. Combined with Siddhas karmic mandala Shambhvi gives excellent results. Usually within eleven days any diseased can be cured.

Shambhvi can also be used to create powerful protective shield and avert any psychic attack. One can protect not only oneself but also house and factories etc. Even goal manifestation results by Shambhvi are very quick. And for the self there is no quicker way to achieve self-realization. It takes you into deep mediation and quickly purifies higher self and higher bodies. With shambhvi one remains connected to the higher dimension of light. This dimension helps a seeker goes immediately into Turiya avastha instantly dissolving his karmic factors. Shambhvi is much more than the healing session. It is a session of deepest mediation. And those who are very blessed get a chance to attend it. With every session the person’s higher body gets cleansed of karmic doshas. He receive blessings from the highest source, gets connected to the highest dimension of lightende receive bhog and miksha. The best part about Shambhvi is that the healer need not lift his finger. He sits in a mediation pose and his yese do the healing. So how can we qualify to get this sacred diksha? According to Baba Shivananda it is important for a person to have practiced the Sidha healing and Mitrya sanjivini kriya. Every person has thuosand of karmic layers around the energy body. When you mediate these layer this great power is called Shambhvi the divine healing power of Shivas third eye. We can trace it back to these first siddha master the Adi guru at the ime of evolution- Lord Shivas. Lord Shiva passed on his divine power to the other Siddha masters in the lineage. One such master was Baba Avadhoot Nitanyanda. He in turn passed it on to Baba Avadhoot Shivananda who is making the sacred power avail to all of us.

The power of Shiva’s third eye’s well known. When he opens it, so much power is emanated that it can destroy all negativity. He gave the Shambhvi Diksha to the great masters to help them destroy negativity and heal aliments.
Shambhvi is the highest diksha a seeker can get on the spiritual path. Three extremely powerful shaktipath are given to the disciple, through which the third eye is opned, the crowened chakra expands completely as the thousand petaled lotus and the divine Kundalini energy rises above the anand chakra. Enormous heat is generated through these shaktipaths. And all the diseases and karmic factors are burned during this Shambhvi shaktipath diksha.

Once a person gets Shambhvi Diksha, he can experience a continuous flow of the divine fire from both the eyes and the third eye. This fire is capable of dissolving all the diseas, suffering and pain in humanity. Healing is so quick and powerful that within a few minutes of looking at the diseased part the patient can feel the relief. Shambhvi transforms the dead organs into live organs.

In one case in Mumbai, a lady approached Baba Shivananda with a swollen foot. She was in tremendous pain and asked Baba for healing. He made her sit in front of him and started looking at the diseased area. Every body in the gathering witnessed, with a sense of awe, as the swelling started going down. And within minutes her foot was back to normal.

In other case, Shambhvi cured a severe kidney infection even when medical science had raised its hand in surrender. Yes the stories we heard about the great saints happen even today. And people like you and us are performing these miracles dissolve leaving you purified and ready to receive Shambhvi diksha. Because Shambhvi is extremely powerful and a body that is not purified might not be able to handlethis great energy explains Baba Shivananda Jee. So all those practicing Shambhvi and Mitrasanjivini it is a great opportunity on the fast track to self-realization. And those who haven’t well what are you waiting for start with Siddha and join the growing population of the miracle healers.

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