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The Guide to Homoeopathic Home Kit

Guiding Symptoms

  • First aid remedy
  • Cuts and open wounds
  • After childbirth
  • Much bleeding after tooth extraction
  • Excessive pain out of proportion to the injury
First Aid Remedy
Calendula is a basic ingredient in a home first aid kit. It is used for cuts, scalds, minor burns and open wounds. Most often used in the form of a cream, lotion or a tincture as an external application to the wound. In deep cuts ensure that the wound is clean before using calendula, to prevent the cut healing over too rapidly and trapping dirt, germs or a foreign body inside.

After Tooth Extraction
Calendula is useful after tooth extraction where there is much bleeding. Calendula tincture should be diluted with cold boiled water to make a mouthwash. This can be used as long as bleeding persists.

Child Birth
Drops of Calendula tincture may be added to a warm bath or applied direct with a warm sponge.

Guiding Symptoms
  • Violent cramping abdominal pains
  • Paroxysmal
  • Vertigo
  • Sciatica
  • Neuralgic eye pains
Colocynth is an excellent remedy to relieve abdominal colic. There are severe, paroxysmal, tearing pains with a sensation as though the intestines are being crushed between two stones. The patient has to bend double and apply hard pressure to get relief.

Colocynth relieves the severe sciatica pain experienced as cramping in hip. The pain is better for pressure, lying on the affected side, better for heat and worse for motion. Colocynth in 200 potency works best to relieve this type of pain.

Guiding Symptoms
  • Affinity for catarrhal states of mucous membrane
  • Onset with every change of weather, especially from warm to cold
  • Perspiration that is checked
  • Catarrh from taking cold
  • Worse from cold wet weather
Common Cold
Cold that is caused by change of weather, especially from warm to cold. Patients are worse in cold, damp weather, worse in the autumn, in the evening and at night.

Fever may come on from going into cold air while hot, patients may have trembling, aching bones and muscles or be in a dazed state, and they cannot remember things.

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