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Selective Pancreatic Beta Cell Activities by Ultra Dynamised Dilutions of Alloxan at Micro-doses: An Experimental Approach

Dr. Sunil Kumar

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It is evident from the table that alloxan brings about necrosis of B-cells and reduces the number along with an increase in blood sugar and decrease in growth hormone levels. Whereas, dynamised dilutions of alloxan brings about B-cell counts, blood sugar and growth hormone levels within normal range at a dose level of 50 u1/100g.b.w. Histo-pathological and histomorphometric studies of brain revealed certain hypothalamic neurons having specific structural peculiarities and containing neuro-secretory material with prominently nucleated bipolar axons. These structural specificities were identified by special techniques of tinctorial affinities (developed in our laboratory by PAS+AF histochemical stains). These neurons are Juxtasomal with blood vessels and responsible for the secretion of releasing factors (RF) or inhibitory factor (IF) of growth hormones (GH). Hypo-secretion of GH probably inhibits insulin secretion and produces diabetes mellitus by damaging the B-cells. However in the present experimentation it was noted that the dynamised dilution of Alloxan had brought about hypertrophy and degranulation in hypothalamic neurons and probably released the GH-RF factors which in turn released the growth hormone secretion from the adenohypophysis. This may have resulted the restoration of B-cell counts and regeneration. Whereas, the alcohol fed control, normal saline and undynamised dilutions had shown hypotrophy and granulation in hypothalamic neurons and released the GH-IF factors which in turn inhibited growth hormone secretion from the adenohypophysis and finally damaged the pancreatic B-cells.

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