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Selective Pancreatic Beta Cell Activities by Ultra Dynamised Dilutions of Alloxan at Micro-doses: An Experimental Approach

Dr. Sunil Kumar

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Keeping in view the Homoeopathic principle of “Similia Similibus Curentur”, an attempt has been made to discern the curative characteristics/therapeutic potentiality of ultra dynamised diluent medium of Alloxan in its 6x, 30x, 200x and 1000x potencies with particular reference to Biological-Hormonal profile-phenomenon of minimum dose and probable mechanism of action through Hypothalamo-Hypophysial-Pancreatic axis.

Materials and Methods
To study the hypoglycaemic activity of dynamised and undynamised drugs, vehicle and normal saline, albino rats of either s*x weighing 150+- 25 gms were acclimatised to standard laboratory conditions for 15 days. Water was allowed ad-libitum. Photo-period L/D (10 light hours/14 dark hours) was also maintained.

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