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Nature's Digestive Tonic Curd

Dr. Urvashi Bandhu

Curd is a very nourishing food. It is a valuable source of protein, essential vitamins and minerals. It is also a rich source of calcium and riboflavin. The protein in curd is more readily digestible than the protein in milk. It is therefore an ideal diet for those who have sensitive digestive systems.

Curd is one of the fermented milk products known to man for its special flavour and digestibility. In India it is used in almost every home either as such or in the form of some popular delicacies such as raita, and buttermilk. Curd is known as yoghurt in some western countries. It is a versatile health food. It is invaluable for its exceptional nourishment-high in calcium, Protein, vitamins, and low in calories.

The starter used for making curds contains useful bacteria such as Lactobacillus casel, Lactobacillus bulgcaricus, Streptococcus lactis, Streptococcus thermophilus etc. These bacteria convert the milk sugar lactose into lactic acid and due to the acid pH, the milk protein gets curdled. The formation of best quality curds depends upon the right type of starter, temperature of milk and atmospheric temperature. Starters contaminated with yeasts give a poor quality curd.

For household preparation of curd, milk is boiled thoroughly to destroy the pathogenic microbes and boiled to luke-warm and mixed with starter from an early batch of curd. The quantity of starter needed for curd formation varies from season to season. Generally a teaspoon of starter is sufficient for 500ml to two cups of milk.

Fat levels of curd vary according to the type of milk used. Whole milk curd has a thick texture and it heaps when you spoon, and has a creamy, distinctive and delicate flavour. Low fat curd made from skimmed milk has a pouring consistency and is very good for dieters. It is mouth-watering tangy and can be flavoured with fruit or honey.

Curd is regular on the Indian menu and has a high place in culinary flavour.

Curd destroys the disease producing bacteria including salmonella and other food born microbes. Curd is more nutritious than milk, the calcium and phosphorus of curd are more easily assimilable. The protein of milk also becomes very easily digestible.

The use of curd helps in re-colonizing the intestines with friendly bacteria. Curds has also been reported to protect the ladies against chronic va***nal yeast infections. It protects from colon cancer by preventing the growth of bacteria which may be producing some toxic compounds that damage the mucous membranes of colon.

Curd is ideal for health and beauty no doubt. It tightens the stomach muscles and brings relief from chronic diarrhoea and constipation, for hepatitis an jaundice, Curd sweetened with honey makes a perfect diet. Insomnia patients should take plenty of low-fat curd and also massage some on the head to induce sleep.

Curd is also considered one of the best aids to natural good looks. The bacteria in it makes skin petal soft, glowing and is beneficial in treatment of obstinate skin disorders such as eczema. It gives amazing result in sunburn.

Mixed with a few drops of lemon Juice, it is a suitable face cleanser or a face mask.

Curd is also used for making buttermilk. It has also several curative properties.

Our traditional practice of seening curd at each meal and consumption of buttermilk is excellent indeed. The use of natural flavourings such as roasted cumin seeds, mint, chopped ginger, green chillies, and coriander in buttermilk is very refreshing. It is also an excellent appetizer.

Remember poisoning process of the body could be arrested by regular intake of curd, as curd stimulates production of immune system substances that fights diseases. The dreaded bacteria which normally stays for a long time in the intestines and hasten the ageing process are destroyed by curd.

Its wonderfully refreshing taste and nutritional quality has no doubt made curd an elixir of life.

So readers! Health is in your hand. Do enjoy eating curd regularly and be healthy.

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