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You Don't Always Need Anti-Emetics to Relieve Nausea

Dr. S. Varma

How many times you must have taken anti-emetics to relieve yourself of nausea, not realising that homoeopathy has an excellent remedy that gives relief from nausea and vomiting instantly. So, next time you suffer from nausea, try taking Ipecac for relief. Read more about it below. Ipecac helps to relieve not only simple nausea but also nausea during pregnancy.

Anti-emetics are not the only relief for nausea and vomiting. Homoeopathy offers a number of remedies for instant relief from nausea and vomiting. Though many remedies are there for relieving this nagging problem, but Ipecac is one remedy that rarely fails.

Ipecac is a homoeopathic remedy made from the dried root of Cephaelis ipecacuanha. It has been in medicinal use as an anti-dysentery drug since the 17th century. It was later proved by Hahnemann, the father of homoeopathy and appears in the Hahnemann's Materia Medica Pura.

Ipecac is a remedy that relieves many gastric and respiratory illnesses where the most important symptom of nausea or vomiting or both are present. The onset of the complaints is rapid over a few hours and the prostration comes in spells.

Complaints may result from suppressed emotions, from eating rich food and dietary indulgences. It also relieves nausea during pregnancy.

Often an acute complaint begins with nausea and vomiting. Nausea and vomiting run right through the remedy. The complaints are associated with a clean tongue and thirstlessness. There is profuse salivation.

Ipecac is indicated for colds that settle in the nose, which may stuff up at night with much sneezing and blowing out of mucus and often blood. Colds descend and produce hoarseness, then rawness of the trachea, then to the chest with suffocation and great accumulation of mucus. This excites a spasmodic cough that is dry due to an inability to expectorate. Vomiting of phlegm may follow the cough.

Ipecac forms a great remedy for respiratory complaints such as whooping cough in children, bronchitis, asthma etc. when the above symptoms are present. It cures dry, teasing, and hacking cough with a sense of suffocation. Patient chokes and the face gets red. The patient might expectorate blood also.The onset of complaints in all probabilities is rapid. There is a sense of weight in the chest and the patient looks dreadfully sick. There is excessive accumulation of mucus in the chest that does not come up easily. Wheezing and rattling is also present.

The complaints may come on in damp weather or are worse during this weather. The patient feels better for sitting up and in fresh air. The patient desires fresh air.

There is an inclination to vomit with or without nausea. There is marked thirstlessness.

Ipecac's action in relieving gastric complaints usually accompanied with nausea and vomiting is also remarkable. It cures gastritis, dysentery, cholera and other digestive ailments. The ailments are usually caused by overindulgence in rich food such as pastry, pork, fruits, candy, ice-creams etc. there is constant nausea with vomiting of food and drinks immediately after eating. This may be followed by vomiting of bile. Vomiting does not relieve the nausea. The tongue is clean and the patient is thirstless. There is a loss of appetite with disgust for food, coldness of extremities, imperceptible pulse and profuse discharges. There is great prostration and pallor.

There is copious diarrhoea often of green slime and may be associated with pain. Diarrhoea in children is accompanied with green stools and colic. The child cries and howls and strains while passing stool.

Ipecac also relieves headache with a bruised or crushed feeling all through the bones of the head and down into the root of the tongue with nausea that is not relieved by vomiting. The pain is worse in a warm room and better in open air. The face of the patient is pale with blue ring around the eyes.

Ipecac is also a great anti-haemorrhagic remedy. It stops bleeding from almost every organ of the body when there is a bright red flow of blood with heavy breathing, nausea and a faint feeling.

The complaints are generally worse in a warm room, damp weather and by slightest motion. The patient feels better in open fresh air.

The person who needs Ipecac is malcontent, impatient and full of nebulous unsatisfied desires. He tends to be sulky, irritable and scornful of others.

Guiding Symptoms

  • Constant nausea and vomiting
  • Vomiting does not relieve nausea
  • Thirstlessness
  • Clean tongue
  • Rapid onset over a few hours
  • Prostration comes in spells
  • Great desire for fresh air
  • Ailments from dietary indulgences

The Catch

The roots of over three year old plant contains the active phyto-chemicals like iso-quinoline alkaloids. The tincture is not used as it is toxic. A good drug at potency levels of 6 and above. Lower is strongly amoebicidal. Some of its constituents are expectorant.

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