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Striding Towards Better Manufacturing Skills

Dr. Nidhi Luthra

Bhandari Homoeopathic Laboratories, Faridabad revolutionised homoeopathy in India by establishing the first large-scale unit in North India. The management has introduced process control in its production line to produce homoeopathic medicines of international standard. Bhandari has revolutionised homoeopathy still further by developing its own herb garden, where they have grown genuine and exotic homoeopathic herbs.

How far is research important in a homoeopathic manufacturing company?
In fact, the quality, efficacy and the authenticity of a drug can only be established through research. And since for every homoeopathic physician, it is very difficult to establish and ensure that the quality of the medicines he uses is genuine, it is the responsibility of the manufacturing units to ensure the same.

The authenticity of homoeopathic medicines depends upon the quality of the raw materials used, the manufacturing skills in use and many other factors.

Bhandari Homoeopathic Laboratories (Faridabad) is one of the few companies, which has laid stress on the research and development. It is incredible to see the way they have developed their manufacturing unit to ensure the best quality of medicines. Bhandari (Faridabad) is one of the oldest manufacturing units in India. Now into the service of homoeopathy for the past six decades, Bhandari's have made it their policy to improve with every passing decade. Their efforts in ensuring that genuine homoeopathic remedies are manufactured in their unit are remarkable. Under Dr. V.K. Bhandari and his son Rohit Bhandari, the two people who have learnt to accept challenges and accomplish them, Bhandari Homoeopathic Laboratories is progressing keeping up good standards of their factory.

Bhandari's are now working towards the goal of setting up their unit as per the GMP norms to achieve international standards for the export of medicines outside India. The work is progressing towards the same and it won't be long before they are able to achieve the goal. Rohit Bhandari says that they shall be able to do this by next year. He told us that they have already received export orders from Europe and USA.

Bhandari has been serving millions of Indians every year with genuine, authentic and highly economical homoeopathic medicines. Not to forget, their highly experienced and dedicated team of staff that includes botanists, analytical chemists, microbiologists and many more. It is with the help of this highly experienced team that they have been able to develop their own botanical garden in which many homoeopathic herbs are grown and the R&D department.

Bhandari though manufacturing combinations and patents has always laid stress on single remedies that is the basis of homoeopathy. Their dilutions and mother tinctures are prepared from authentic raw material and not substitutes.

Their well-equipped and well-maintained laboratories say for themselves the excellent manufacturing that takes place in their factory.

Herb Garden
Bhandari is amongst the few homoeopathic manufacturing units, which has developed a herb garden of its own, where they have grown genuine and exotic homoeopathic herbs. The herb garden has been developed with the assistance of trained and experienced botanists who are very familiar and specialise only in homoeopathic herbs that can be grown under North Indian climate. The beautiful herb garden has herbs like Aegle marmelos, Aegle folia, Agnus castus, Alfalfa (Medicago sativa), Andrographis paniculata, Atropa belladonna, Cactus grandiflora, Calendula officinalis, Carduus benedictus, Carduus marinus, Cassia Ang (Senna), Cassia sophera, Cineraria maritima, Desmodium gangeticum, Hyoscymus niger, Janosia Asoka trees, Matricaria chamomilla (German species), Mullein plant, Stramonium and Sambucus nigra.

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