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A Glowing Skin for Beautiful Looks

Dr. Poonam V. Khiraya

The colour, and to a lesser extent, the texture of the skin, reflects the general state of person's health. Fresh air, regular exercise, a balanced diet and sufficient sleep all help one to look and feel their best. That, combined with homoeopathy can be the answer to these agonising problems of skin.

Our looks are as important to us as good health. Health and beauty go together. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and the reason for our looking beautiful as it is said that beauty is skin deep. Skin without blemishes, scars etc gives us a glowing personality and a confidence to carry ourselves in the public.

Our skin is actually a mirror of our internal being. A healthy skin depicts a good health and an unhealthy skin manifests disturbed health.

Skin care is important for it is this organ that protects us from the environment. A well balanced healthy diet that provides the body with sufficient energy keeps the human body in the pink of health and beauty. A diet rich in minerals, proteins, vitamins, fibre and of course, pure and clean drinking water helps regulate the functioning of the body process and provides the body resistance against infections.

The skin performs several important functions: it protects various organs of the body from environment, provides them with information about their surroundings, which it receives through the millions of tiny, nerve endings called receptors reacting to touch, pressure, heat, cold and pain.

Also embedded in the skin are minute glands. One type of gland is the sebaceous gland, which produces a substance that keeps the skin surface supple and water-resistant and helps prevent bacteria from entering the body. Sweat glands secrete moisture to cool the body when it feels hot. To help the temperature regulation, the small blood vessels in the skin dilate in summer to loose heat. The blood vessels contract in winter to converse heat; that's the reason why one turns pale.

There are thousands of follicles in the skin. Fingernails and toenails are also continuously producing by actively dividing cells situated under the fold of the skin at the base of each nail.

Skin diseases are fairly common from the appearance of acne to many fatal and severe illnesses such as Psoriasis.

Some people are troubled and embarrassed by eruptions, blemishes and scars and some people are too discomforted by dandruff so that they even shun social contacts. Some have resigned themselves to the prospect of suffering from chronic eczema to the end of their days, for all medications bring only temporary relief. Or may be you too are despaired after futile attempts to find a remedy for your kid's allergy.

Skin problems affect virtually everyone. They are annoying and often very embarrassing. Fortunately, most skin problems are not a threat to life or harmful to general health.

Skin diseases are often accompanied by itching, swelling or recurrent pain and various types of eruptions, pigmentation, thickening of the skin, scaling or loss of hair and nails.

Allergy and pigmentary disorders are very common during childhood, while adolescents suffer from acne and problems relating to the hair and nails. At the onset of middle and old age, various other skin disorders are seen.
Some skin lesions can be diagnosed on sight, but even in such cases a detailed history is necessary for effective cure. While treating a skin disease the environment, climate and seasonal factors, and the patient's occupation are of paramount importance. The patient's case history should be closely studied as even the minor past ailments have contribution to say, an eruption.

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