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Carbo Vegetabilis Remedy Par Excellence for Digestive Troubles

Dr. Sunil K. Jain

Carbo veg is a commonly used remedy for digestive problems. The remedy is most often appropriate where the digestion is weak and the general constitution is unhealthy.

Homoeopathic remedies are made from all types of resources, mineral, animal and plants. One such resource is charcoal that is a dark or black porous carbon prepared from animal or vegetable substances (as from wood by charring in a kiln from which air is excluded). Carbo vegetabilis is the remedy made from this black charcoal. Hahnemann used birch wood for making this remedy but now beech wood charcoal is used for the preparation. In the crude form, charcoal is relatively an inert substance but the process of dynamisation exhibits the true healing properties of this remedy. To make the remedy, charcoal is ground very finely to convert it into a medicinal agent.

Carbo veg suits people with a sluggish constitution who are lazy and have a weak digestion. They have sluggish digestion, sluggish liver and a sluggish circulation.

Carbo veg is a commonly used remedy for digestive problems and especially suits today's generation which lives on junk food and does not eat many nutritious and healthy food. The remedy is most often appropriate where the digestion is weak and the general constitution is unhealthy. There is excessive accumulation of wind with frequent belching that gives a temporary relief. Since this remedy has digestive system as its main sphere of action, so let us take up the study of the symptoms of digestion that it cures.

The stomach feels bloated as if it is pressing on the diaphragm. Hiccups and even fainting may occur. The symptoms come after overindulgence in rich food. All food taken seems to turn into gases which compels the patient to belch all the while. There are cramps in the abdomen with burning pain and distension. All the symptoms are relieved temporarily by belching. The Carbo veg patient is averse to most digestible things and the best of foods. The patient craves salt, sweets and coffee and may desire alcohol even though it disagrees with them. Fatty foods and in particular, milk causes flatulence.

Carbo veg is often suited to elderly people, where the constitution is sluggish, broken down and weak.

Another sphere where Carbo veg has a special affinity is the respiratory system. The Carbo veg patient is always suffering from coryza, which travels down the throat and settles in the lungs. It is a great remedy for respiratory conditions such as asthma where the patient suffers very much from the difficulties of breathing. There is a great feeling of weakness in the chest with a sense of suffocation. There is violent and paroxysmal coughing with great retching and vomiting. Cough is worse in the morning and on endeavouring to expectorate, he coughs and gags or vomits. There is greatly reduced vitality and the patient is prostrated and weak due to coughing.

Guiding Symptoms

  • General Sluggishness
  • Cold breath
  • Cold extremities
  • Cold sweat
  • Desire to be fanned
  • Bloating and belching
  • Violent cough with gagging and vomiting
  • Indifference
  • Lazy and listless
  • Broken down, weak and sluggish constitutions
  • Desire to gulp air
  • Craves coffee
There is a sense of suffocation and great desire for air and the patient likes to be fanned. Another peculiar symptom is the coldness, cold breath and cold extremities in all the complaints as in dyspnoea or breathlessness. In such extreme cases of respiratory distress, Carbo veg can become lifesaver if the symptoms match.

The extremities of a Carbo veg patient are cold and are covered with cold sweat. Carbo veg is an excellent remedy for indolent varicose ulcers and gangrene. The circulation in the limbs is so feeble that the patient suffers from numbness of the extremities very often. In fact the circulation is generally sluggish, patients are chilly, limbs are cold and blue and the sweat and even the breath feels cold.

Carbo veg suits people with low vitality, sluggish circulation and weak digestion. Even mental processes are sluggish with a short-term memory. The person is tired of life, despondent, listless, listless, and disinterested in everything, indifference and has swift mood swings to excitability and irritation.

Remedy Source
Carbo vegetabilis is made from black charcoal prepared from beech wood.

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