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The Living Legend of Homoeopathy: Dr. Diwan Harish Chand (II)

Dr. Nidhi Luthra

Dr. Diwan Harish Chand is one of the most qualified homoeopathic physicians of the world and has been into practice for the past 54 years. Dr. Diwan H. Chand is a man of great principles, believes in hard work and is an ardent follower of Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homoeopathy. The complete interview could not be carried in one issue so the rest of it is being carried in this issue.

Recently you gave a lecture on environmental pollution and homoeopathy at a seminar. What role does homoeopathy have to offer in diseases caused due to environmental pollution?
Homoeopathy does have a role to play in treating diseases caused due to environmental pollution. There are homoeopathic remedies that are effective in treating such problems. I shall cite an example of two such cases that were cured by homoeopathic medicines.

There was this patient who came to me with respiratory problem. He used to travel by scooter to his office. He related that his problem got aggravated whenever he had to stop at a red light and was forced to inhale the smoke of the DTC buses that came out of the pipe which was the same level as that of his face. The day this would happen he would have a very bad time. This patient's case was a perfect example of problem consequent to smoke inhalation. Since the smoke of these buses has sulphur dioxide in large quantities and following the principle of similars, I decided to give him sulphurous acid. After this prescription the patient felt much better with a marked relief in his respiratory problems.

Then there was another case of a man suffering from a problem, which was due to his occupation that involved usage of lead. I prescribed Plumbum metalicum to this patient as per the ill effects of lead. His problem vanished and never reappeared. He met me a few days back and he was still in perfect health.

Could you relate a few of your most memorable cases that you have treated?
I was called to see a patient in Milan (Italy). This 70-year old woman was confined to the house and for the most part to the wheel chair. She had been diagnosed as suffering from osteoarthritis and marked osteoporosis. She had suffered two fractures at the hip already and steel plates had been fixed. She had also been operated on her knee joints for advanced osteoarthritis.

Before, going to see her I was very skeptical and confused and in Vienna I spoke to many doctors about this disease, osteoporosis and what do they prescribe for it. Most of them said Calcarea phos or Calcarea fluor.

In the course of the history, as a routine, she was asked about her dreams and then she mentioned that she had the same dream every night of falling from a high place. A remedy that covered this very peculiar repetitive dream (that is Thuja) rather than the physical condition of osteoarthritis was given. Though I was confused between the family of Calcareas and Thuja but I decided to opt for Thuja with marvellous results. The patient not only got out of the wheel chair but could even forget her walking stick while undertaking long journeys for her work. She even came to India after that and met me and was in very good health.

Centennial celebration and rededication ceremony of the Hahnemann monument at USA.
Homage was paid on behalf of India, the country with the largest number of homoeopathic practitioners in the world by Professor Dr. Diwan Harish Chand, President of Honour of LMHI and Dr. Diwan Vijay Chand, National Vice President, LMHI in the classical Indian tradition by garlanding the statue of the founder of homoeopathy. This received a special notice from the audience.

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