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Natural Aid for Your Teeth

Dr. Urvashi Bandhu

Many diseases can be prevented if we take care of our bodies, including the teeth. You can prevent the diseases of teeth such as pyorrhoea and tooth decay if you give some extra attention to this important part of our body. Many natural products if used regularly maintain the strength and health of our teeth.

In the general health and welfare of the body the teeth and gums play an important part. Plenty of use of sugar, refined flour, chocolates, biscuits etc. in our so called, modern routine diet, is one of the root cause for tooth-decay.

Brushing the teeth properly and regularly with a fluoride paste, helps to avoid dental decay to a much extent. Dental diseases should be prevented in time as they can cause a lot of discomfort, suffering and distress. As goes the saying, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’.

Here are a few ways by which you can take care of your teeth at home with simple and easy to use remedies. Take good care of your teeth before your teeth start decaying and you have to spend your money and time at a dentist’s clinic.

Clove Oil
Clove-oil is the best remedy for all kinds of tooth troubles. It helps much in toothache, decay etc.. It should be included in your first-aid kit as a remedy for tooth -ache in ancient times, is still useful and is available at chemist’s shop, Eugenol is nothing but the essential oil of cloves, very much used in dentistry. Clove oil is safe and extremely effective in toothaches. Since it is a mild irritant to the tongue and gums, it should be applied with a clean cotton, only directly to the tooth-cavity. The clove oil can also be mixed with good quality Zinc- Oxide powder to make a stiff paste. It can then be carefully filled to the cavity of the aching-tooth to get relief.

Chewing few leaves of basil (Tulsi) along with one or two pepper is also very beneficial in toothache.

Tooth decay can be prevented by the regular consumption of apples as they possess a mouth cleansing property. Apples have mouth cleansing properties that no other fruit possesses and taken after meals they have the same effect as a tooth brush, in cleansing the teeth. The acid content of the apples is of assistance in promoting the flow of saliva in the mouth, which is also beneficial to the teeth. The acid also prevents the spread of germs, in the mouth and teeth, if chewed properly. Apples are thus regarded as the natural preserver of the teeth and should be taken in all tooth troubles.

Vitamin C present in lime is helpful in maintaining the health of the teeth and the bones of the body. It prevents decay and loosening of the teeth, dental caries, toothache and bleeding of the gums.

Chewing a carrot immediately after food kills all the harmful germs in the mouth. It cleans the teeth, removes the food particles lodged in the crevices and prevents bleeding of the gums and tooth decay.

Fresh leaves of mint, chewed daily is an effective antiseptic dentrifice. The chlorophyll combined with other antiseptic chemicals in the mint, kills all the germs causing harmful odour. It strengthens the gums by providing the required nutrients and thus prevents tooth decay, pyorrhoea and premature fall of the teeth.

Toothache is often allayed by placing a small piece of onion on the bad tooth or gum. If one raw onion is eaten raw with proper chewing, it can kill all germs of the mouth.

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