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Treating Burns Naturally

Dr. Rajendra Kumar

The incidence of accidents due to burns increases during the time of Dipawali due to the carelessness while burning crackers or lighting candles. Keeping the medicines used for first aid handy can be of real help during this time. Here, we give a few first aid measures for treating burns.

Homoeopathy is very useful in minor accidents requiring first aid such as burns. A homoeopathic first aid kit at home can prove very useful to give immediate aid in such conditions. Dipawali is here and we all know that the incidence of burns increases during these Dipawali days. You can provide immediate aid to your children or anyone if they burn their hands or feet while burning a cracker or lighting a candle. Here, we give you a list of homoeopathic remedies that can be used for treating burns. Keeping these remedies at home can save you a lot of trouble.

Calendula: Calendula is used in first-degree burns with redness without blistering. It is also used to dress second degree burns (blisters without skin loss) once the blisters have broken leaving open sores.

Cantharis: for blistering burns, that is, second degree burns, it is the number one remedy. After the blisters have broken, dress locally with calendula tincture.

Causticum: The number one remedy in third degree burns, that is, the full thickness of the skin has been lost. Causticum is also of use in old burns that do not resolve and if there are any ill effects of burns-other conditions that have developed from the burn itself or coincided with the burn though not apparently directly connected with it.

Phosphorus: Electrical burns or shocks.

Urtica urens: Minor burns without blistering (first degree burn).

Besides, these medicines many over the counter homoeopathic preparations are also available for burns.

When to Seek Advice?
In burns any third degree burn, any second degree burn (blistering and loss of the top surface of the skin-very sore and painful) occurring on the sensitive skin (face, hands, genitals) or second degree burn larger than a hand size occurring anywhere else.

In electrical burns remember to isolate the power before touching the person, otherwise pull them off using some non-conductive material such as rubber, plastic or dry wood.

Third degree burns involve the full thickness of the skin and are likely to be less tender than first or second degree burns so do not be fooled into underestimating the severity of a serious burn by the lack of pain.

Do not dress or interfere with severe burns until expert help is available but do treat the shock. Other remedies may be needed later.

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