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Skin Diseases in Pets

Dr. Rakesh. M. Shinde

The skin is a whole body organ and it is very sensitive to whole body diseases. For homoeopathic treatment of skin diseases, the whole body symptoms should be taken into account.

The diseases of our domestic animals, which admit of cure, yield as promptly to homoeopathic medicines as those of man.

The benefits of homoeopathy over other systems of medicine for our pets are many. It cures diseases and not palliate them with the humane nature of its cure.

Prevention is much simpler and easier than cure when it comes to skin disease. This is because despite skin being the most accessible organ in the body, when it becomes sick, it is the one organ found most difficult to diagnose and treat. Since animal skin is so different from human, remedies would have different proving as compared to humans. Skin is the largest organ of the body and although only able to manifest disease in a few ways, more often reflects a deep internal problem, the nature of which is not easy to detect especially in animals. While ever we continue to feed biologically inappropriate foods, we will continue to have apparently insoluble and untreatable skin problems in our dogs. The basic answer to the question of how to prevent and treat most of these problems is so very simple. In this session we explore the basis of skin disease and discover that most problems have their origins in poor nutrition. Unfortunately, by the time many of these problems have been diagnosed correctly, the body chemistry has been permanently altered. The problems often begin at weaning when pups are fed a cocktail of foods which set them up for a lifetime of allergies. If you have anything to do with dogs, then you will be involved with skin problems at some stage.

It is very difficult to look beyond to see the whole patient problem from which they arise. The skin is a whole body organ and it is very sensitive to whole body diseases. Thus, sometimes the only symptoms of disease of the whole body are skin symptoms. For homoeopathic treatment of skin diseases, the whole body symptoms should be taken into account.

Allergic Dermatitis
Allergic dermatitis is inflammation of the skin due to exposure to an allergen (a substance that an animal is allergic to). By far the most common cause of allergic dermatitis in pets is atopy‚ an allergic response to allergens in the environment that are inhaled or absorbed through the skin. Common substances include grass, weed and tree pollens, house dust, feathers, wool and cigarette smoke. Occasionally the allergic dermatitis is due to a food allergy and some pets have both problems.

The primary symptom of allergic dermatitis is itching. Pets will lick, chew, or scratch their itchy skin resulting in hair loss, skin redness, and sometimes open sores. Common areas to be affected are the muzzle, eyes, ears, feet, armpits, abdomen, and legs. Allergic rhinitis (sneezing, runny nose), while common in people, is rare in pets. Allergic dermatitis is usually seasonal but may become a year round problem over time. The tendency to develop allergies is suspected to be hereditary.

The first step in dealing with allergic dermatitis is to rule out other causes of itchy skin.

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