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The Autumn Remedy

Dr. Sunil Jain

Dulcamara is useful for treating catarrhal conditions mainly occuring in every change of weather especially the autumn season when the days are hot and the nights are cold.

Dulcamara has been in use by traditional systems of medicine to make ointments, to treat ulcers, eczema and psoriasis. It has also been used in tincture form as an infusion for diarrhea and rheumatic problems.

In homoeopathy, Dulcamara has a strong affinity for catarrhal states of the mucous membranes mainly occurring in the autumn season. Dulcamara is suited for the complaints which occur in every change of weather. Symptoms tend to alternate, often with asthmatic condition followed by the rash or joint pains and then asthmatic problems once again.

Dulcamara is a medicine useful in treating diarrhoea at the close of summers when the days are hot and the nights are cold. Onset is often caused by this change of temperature. The nature of stools also keep on changing; they are yellow or yellowish green, slimy and undigested. Frequently there is a mass of slimy substance in the stool.

Dulcamara cures backache, neck pain and joint pains when the joints are swollen and sensitive to touch. The pains are worse form cold wet weather, in the evening, night and during rest.

Dulcamara also relieves fever which comes from going into cold air while hot . Patients may complain of trembling, aching bones and muscles.

The catarrhal condition of the eyes resulting from exposure to cold can also be treated by Dulcamara.

Dulcamara cures sore throat which is a result of exposure to damp cold air.

Dulcamara cures dry, teasing winter coughs; a dry, rough and a hoarse cough with copious mucous.

Guiding Symptoms

  • Affinity for catarrhal states of mucous membranes
  • Onset with every change of weather, especially in the autumn season
  • Perspiration that is checked
  • Catarrh from taking cold
  • Worse from cold wet weather
Remedy Source
Dulcamara is prepared from Solanum dulcamara, the woody nightshade. It is also known as bittersweet. The remedy is made from the green shoots and leaves.

The complaints are worse in cold, wet weather, in the evening, night and while resting.

The Dulcamara Personality
Patient needing Dulcamara is restless and confused with a compulsion to keep on the move. Impatient desire for something is followed by indifference when the object is achieved.

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