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Deworming with Homoeopathy

Dr. Rajendra Kumar

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Giardia lamblia is a common intestinal parasite with a worldwide prevalence. Children appear to be more severely affected than the adults. The infection is often waterborne and is contracted by contact with an infected person.

Symptoms can be mild or absent or severe. There may be a sudden onset with explosive, watery, offensive stools, abdominal distention, flatulence, nausea, anorexia and epigastric cramps. In chronic infection patients may be asymptomatic or may suffer from moderate symptoms such as brief episodes of offensive loose stools, flatulence and abdominal distention. Appetite is poor and the patients complain of nausea. Children with chronic giardiasis show lactose malabsorption, steatorrhoeaand failure to thrive.

Control Measures
Proper disposal of faeces

  • Bore hole latrines should be constructed in the rural areas and the people should be encouraged to use these instead of defaecating in the open fields. This shall prevent contamination of the soil.
  • The nightsoil used a manure should be composted along with the vegetable refuse as fermentation raises the temperature of the compost and the eggs of the helminths are killed by the heat. Treatment of the nightsoil in the biogas plants shall also help achieve the same purpose.
  • The chemical fertilizer added to the night soil used as manure not only increases its effectiveness as manure but also kills the worm eggs.
  • Facilities for sanitary disposal of the sewage should be augmented.
Personal protection
  • Ground or root vegetables used for making salads should be washed thoroughly and peeled before use. Pork, beef and fish should be well cooked to destroy the infective forms of the parasites embedded in the flesh.
  • The drinking water should be boiled or filtered to prevent infection through ingestion of infected water.
  • Children should encouraged to wear shoes while playing in the fields, likely to be contaminated with infected faeces. They should not run bare feet in the open fields.
Diminishing the reservoir of infection
  • Carcasses of animals slaughtered for meat should be inspected and destroyed.
  • The water used for drinking should be protected from contamination with night soil and other excreta. People should not bathe in the wells used for drinking water.
Health Education
  • The habit of washing hands after defaecation and before taking food should be inculcated in children.
  • Nails should be cut short and cleaned daily with soap and brush.
  • Daily bath and scrupulous personal cleanliness should be advised. The under clothes should be changed everyday.
  • The children should be prevented from scratching the anal region. Creams should be used to relieve the itching.
The following homoeopathic remedies have been found effecitive in expelling different types of worms from the human body.

Cina: Cina has been found the most effective remedy in expelling roundworms, threadworms and tape worms. The child grinds his teeth in the night, is restless and rubs his nose constantly. There may be a loss of appetite or an increase in the appetite.

Anantherum: This is a good remedy for expulsion of tapeworms with morbid hunger.

Abrotanum: Abrotanum destroys worms especially roundworms.

Chenopodium: This is specific for hookworm disease.

Fillix mas: This is an efficient remedy for expulsion of tapeworm especially with constipation.

Santonine: Santonine is also a very effective remedy for expulsion of worms and stands next to Cina only.

Teucrium: For ascarisis or pinworms with irritation in the rectum.

Spigelia: Spigelia is a remedy for worms when the patient is emaciated and has blue rings around the eyes and has a faint nauseated feeling with colic about the navel caused by worms.

Calcarea carb: An excellent remedy for scrofulous children, fat, pale with increased perspiration at night.

Tellurium: It causes expulsion of threadworms.

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