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Natrum sulphuricum

Dr. Rajeev Sood

Natrum sulphuricum is another tissue or biochemic salt whose main use is in promoting elimination of toxins from the body. It is one of the most frequently indicated constitutional remedies.

Natrum sulphuricum, as the name suggests, is the chemical combination of Natrum (Sodium) and sulphur; Sulphate of soda. It is also known as Glauber’s salt. Natrum sulphuricum has taken the medicinal properties of both sodium and sulphur.

Natrum sulphuricum is one of the twelve tissue salts identified by Dr. Wilhelm Schusller. It was proved by Schieler and Nenning and the results were published in Hering’s Materia Medica.

Natrum sulphuricum is principally found in the intercellular fluids and its function is to regulate water in the tissue, blood and fluids of the body. A deficiency of this salt prevents the elimination of such water from the tissue as is produced by the oxidation of organic matter.

Natrum sulphuricum forms a chief remedy in malarial fevers because of its ability to eliminate water. Since malaria is caused due to an excess of water in the tissues which provides the breeding place to the malarial parasite, therefore for permanent cure the excess water has to be removed.

Natrum sulphuricum is one of the most frequently indicated constitutional remedies. The symptoms or the constitutional state of the patients are worse in wet weather. The remedy is characterized by and intolerance of sea air or edible plants growing near water. Symptoms may be precipitated by emotional strain.

Natrum sulphuricum patients are extremely sensitive to night air and are prone to colds and flu with a thick yellowish catarrh, which may be fluent from the nose, particuarly at night. The catarrh may also drop down the throat. The mouth feels slimy and burning. The tongue has a dirty coating.

Natrum sulphuricum patients are extremely sensitive to pain, to touch and pressure. There is a strong desire for open air. The complaints are worse in the spring and in warm weather.

In stomach disorders, the patient generally suffers from bilious complaints with sour eructation, vomiting of sour or bitter fluid or green bile. The liver region is sore and congested.

Frequent urination is complained of and it occurs due to Natrum sulphuricum’s eliminative properties. A great thirst for cold water accompanies.

The disturbance in the balance of body fluids shows up as a poor ability to deal with damp conditions. It is useful in illness that comes on during damp weather. Watery fruits and vegetables disagree with the patient. Despite feeling thirsty, cold drinks also tend to cause indigestion.

Natrum sulphuricum is needed in conditions of skin where watery, yellowish green pus has gathered.

Another condition that is very important in Natrum sulphuricum is the appearance of symptoms after a patient has sustained a head injury. Such an injury may bring on severe and chronic symptoms; it may even lead to mania.

Natrum sulphuricum has violent crushing head pains, which come on suddenly. In fact all acute conditions have a sudden and violent onset in Natrum sulphuricum and may follow a fall or a blow to the head.

Natrum sulphuricum is a tissue salt whose main use is in promoting elimination of toxins from the body.

Guiding Symptoms
Thick yellow catarrh
Dirty tongue
Much thirst and urination
Worse in damp weather or damp conditions
Sudden violent symptoms
Skin conditions with pus

Remedy Source
Natrum sulphuricum is made from sodium sulphate, also known as Glauber’s salts.

Natrum sulphuricum personality
The person who needs Natrum sulph is restless and discontented with life. A suicidal tendency may be present. Depression is worse in the morning. The patient may brood on thoughts of hate and revenge

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