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Glonoine: The Heat Remedy

Dr. Sunil Jain

Glonoine or Nitro-glycerine has an affinity for blood and circulation. The symptoms in Glonoine are characteristically quick and violent, bursting and expansive. It is truly an explosive remedy.

Glonoine can be a very useful remedy for the complaints that come on due to the exposure to heat, especially headaches. The most common feature in this remedy is the surging of blood o the head and the heart. There is a sensation of over fullness in the blood vessels, nausea and vomiting are likely and the head feels hot. Any kind of heat makes the patient worse, particularly hot sun while open air and cold applications feel beneficial. Any kind of pressure on the head even wearing a hat can become unbearable. The headache is worse by lying down. A patient often describes the state as a feeling as if all the blood in the body is rushing around the heart. Along with this, the patient also suffers from intense pain. Another accompaniment of the surging is great throbbing like the beating of hammers. The pulsations are tremendous and are felt in the whole body which become more painful from motion.

Glonoine symptoms are worse from the heat of the summer and are relieved in the winters, worse in the sun and better in the shade. The complaints come on suddenly from exposure to heat, even from gaslight or any bright light.

These headaches are better by going into the cold air. Patients feel better after a good long sleep but may feel giddy and heady on waking.

The eyes are affected and feel hot and dry, with a wild or protruding look.

Vision is impaired and is aggravated by artificial light.

Glonoine is also indicated in the affections of the brain when accompanied with the characteristic symptoms. Is useful in cerebro-spinal meningitis, apoplexy when the symptoms correspond.

There are many other conditions and complaints where there is surging of blood o the head. Persons who are subject to palpitations with dyspnoea upon any effort and cannot go uphill with rush of blood to the head benefit from this remedy.

Glonoine also suits the women at the climacteric age where there are violent hot flushes with great surging of blood to the heart and the head.The Glonoine picture may also be seen before or during menses.

Guiding Symptoms

  • Violent symptoms
  • Disordered circulation
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Worse for heat, artificial light and in the evenings
Remedy Source
Glonion is prepared from nitroglycerine, a highly unstable chemical compound (C3H5 (ONO2) 3).

It is a thickm oil made by treating glycerine with nitric and sulphuric acid, and is the explosive compnent of dynamite.

The Typesetter’s Remedy
Glonoine was a useful remedy for the binding headaches suffered by Victorian typesetters and printers who had to work under the fierce heat of incandescent gas lamps. Glonoine patients cannot bear heat on top of or on the back of their heads.

Caution : Never handle the mother fincture and never use below the 6th potency level.

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