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Dr. Rajendra Kumar

The cures, produced by the homoeopathic medicines are miraculous. Here, we draw your attention to the potent effect of the homoeopathic drugs.

Mimosa pudica, commonly known as ‘Touch-me-not’ is a rare homoeopathic drug which is not yet proved fully. Mimosa pudica is a plant which is capable of seismonastic movements. If you touch the leaves, branches or the entire plant, its leaves fold upwards. Without further stimulation, the plant recovers after 15-20 minutes and the leaflets return to their original position.

O.A. Julian’s Materia Medica of new homoeopathic remedies give the following symptoms of Mimosa pudica.

“Easily angered; it takes a long time to forgive.”

“impression that the body is too large,” which expresses a problem in coping with one’s own body size.

I prescribed this drug ‘Mimosa pudica’ to a young boy who was suffering from nervous anxiety so much so that every morning when he was to go to school, he had a stomach ache and vomiting. The results in this case were marvellous.

A 12 year old boy was brought to my clinic with the complaints of nervous anxiety and fear. He would complain of pain in the abdomen and vomit-ing twice or thrice a week. Before exams, he felt anxious and compl-ained of stomach ache and sleeplessness.

I asked him a few questions and very peculiar for a 12 year old boy, he would cry while answering. He told me that he did not like his science teacher because once she gave him a bad report just because he had gone out of the class with her permission for 10 minutes because he was feeling nauseated.

Another observation, which I made was his peculiar posture. He would sit hunched up and the way he held his arms and legs showed a clear spastic involvement.

The mother reports that her son was a premature baby at 7 months and suffered from hypoxia at birth. He was kept in the intensive care unit for new born babies and received artificial respiration for 4 days. He had delayed milestones, he started to walk only at the age of four with physiotherapy. His hands and legs both are weak and his left side is more stable than the right. His legs tremble many a times and he gets cramps in the legs very often.

He has a problem accepting a change or a new thing in life, be it a toy or a new chapter in the studies. His appetite is good and enjoys junk food like pizzas and burgers. He sleeps well with dreams about his daily routine at school, at play or home. He is scared of thunderstorms and dogs but he is fond of horses, sheep, chicken and cats.

General Observation
Practically none of the answers from the boy went unaccompanied by crying or a tearful voice.

Peculiar hunched up posture with folded arms and legs.

The boy seems to get angry easily. He is very sensitive and takes everything literally and over reacts easily. Other than that, I have never met a 12 year old boy who cried that easily. The spastic manner in which he held his arms and legs appeared to reflect a similar phenomenon as the seismonastive movements of the Mimosa pudica.

I prescribed Mimosa pudica 200 and asked him to come back after 2 weeks.

Follow Up
2 Weeks Later
The young boy had no stomach ache or vomiting in the morning before school for 2 weeks. Once in a while he gets a stomach ache in the evening, usually when he has had too much to eat. There were no cramps in the thighs. He did not cry that often. Generally he feels better. The anxiety is less.

The boy was feeling better in body and mind. Therefore, I repeated the prescription of Mimosa pudica 200.

1 Month Later
There has been no stomach ache or vomiting. He still has a bit difficulty learning but it is improving. His anger is less than before. There are no more cramps in the legs. He does not cry anymore and sounds cheerful and happy.
He is more self assured and takes things more in his stride.

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