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Materia Medica for Students

Dr. Ritu Kinra

For the busy students of Homoeopathic world - this book on Materia Medica offers a panacea for all their needs - covering seventy drugs, viva voce, mnemonics - drugs presented with a view to achieve excellence.

The Materia Medica for Students is a comprehensive book of homoeopathic medicines for the students and the physicians of the homoeopathic world. This book offers a panacea for all the needs of the budding homoeopathic doctors.

The book covers around 70 homoeopathic medicines which are explained in a lucid and visualised form. The book also offers the commonly asked questions in the examination of the homoeopathic course. The frequently asked questions in the viva voce are also given which makes the book a real useful book to keep for the students.

The book contains the essence of true knowledge of homoeopathy. The author has tried to cover all the essential points which are very useful to understand homoeopathic medicines. The book gives an easily readable and understandable form of the homoeopathic treatment for various ailments.

The Materia Medica for Students explains the drugs with visual sketches depicting the various symptoms of each drug.

We give a few extracts from this book so that our readers can see for themselves the utility of this book. The illustrations given describe the complete picture of the drug. -- Bryonia alba Hahnemann

Bryonia is indicated in fevers mostly of remitting type, rheumatic, gastric, bilious, traumatic and typhoid fevers in all of which gastric symptoms predominate.

Fever develops slowly with gradually increasing severity (Gels sudden onset - Aco, Bell).

Increased action of the heart giving rise to a frequent, tense pulse which is increased by least motion and hence the patient has to keep perfectly quiet.

Dull and throbbing headache with sharp pain over the eyes. Least attempt to raise head from the pillow causes nausea and faintness.

Dry mouth with a white coated tongue is the centre. As fever grows bilious symptoms predominate.

Tongue becomes yellowish, dry, brown and cracked with a bitter taste in the mouth and splitting headache.

Patient drinks large quantities of cold water at long intervals. Sensation of heavy pressure in the stomach as if a stone were lying there.

Nux vomica

  • Common name is Poison Nut.
  • Nux is the king of polychrest remedies.
  • Suitable for all age, s*x and temperament.
  • It is an antidote to post drugging affects of allopathic medicines.
  • It is a remedy for the present day attitude ‘modern trend of life’
  • Nux is the male counterpart of Ignatia and Pulsatilla.
  • It is a remedy which is capable of working wonders with people from all walks of life.
  • Nux should be given on retiring or what is better several hours before going to bed as it acts best during repose of mind (sulphur should be given in the morning).

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