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Calcarea Sulphurica

Dr. Sunil Jain

Calcarea Sulphurica is the chief biochemic remedy in case of suppurative conditions. It is an excellent remedy for boils and absesses.

“Restoration of cell and thereby the body, will result from the restoration of deficits of inorganic salts in the cell.” This forms the basis of Biochemic Therapy as discovered by Dr. Schussler, the father of Biochemic System of medicine.

According to biochemistry, health is dependent upon the quantity and equalisation of organic and inorganic constituents in the body. The body is merely a collection of cells, each cell being composed of organic and inorganic matter. But it is the presence of inorganic matter, which, unites with and activates the organic element to function in a normal manner.

Under ordinary conditions, enough inorganic cell salts are supplied by food to replace those lost in the process of metabolism. But, when for any reason the body’s power of assimilation fails, a deficiency of mineral salts results which causes the disease. This deficiency of inorganic salts can only be replaced by introducing them from outside. Even though the cells of the body are composed of organic and inorganic matter, it is the inorganic matter, according to the Biochemic System, which combines with the organic matter and activates the normal function. Thus, biochemic system of medicine is based on the nature’s own way of cure and it is a natural way by which a disease can be overcome.

There are as many as 12 biochemical tissue remedies. The 12 biochemic remedies are Calcarea flourica; Calcarea phosphorica; Calcarea sulphurica; Ferrum phosphoricum; Kali muriaticum; Kali Phosphoricum; Kali sulphuricum; Magnesia phosphorica; Natrum muriaticum; Natrum phosphoricum; Natrum sulphuricum; Silicea. In our last issue we had discussed Calcarea phosphorica. This month we will review another biochemic remedy, that is, Calcarea Sulphurica.

Schuessler introduced this remedy and it has been extensively used as a biochemic remedy especially in suppurative conditions.

Sulphate of Calcium is used to clean out and throw off decaying organic matter, so it may not lay dormant or slowly decay and thus injure the surrounding tissue. A lack of this salt allows suppuration to continue too long.

Calc. Sulph is always the chief remedy in case of suppuration. The tendency to formation of abscesses in the body is a strong feature of Calcarea sulph.

An abscess that has ruptured and is slow to heal with a continuous discharge of yellow pus, is a strong indication of this remedy. The remedy is good for prolonged suppuration and thick purulent and bloody discharges from the abscesses and ulcers.

Tendency to catch cold in drafts is another feature of Calcarea sulph. The patient catches cold easily. Calc. Sulph is suited for complaints that come from straining muscles and over lifting. Lame back from such causes is cured by Calc. Sulph.

Calcarea Sulphurica Personality
Calcarea sulphurica individual is absent minded, irritable and easily angered. He is a very anxious individual, with anxiety about health, future and many other things.

Confusion and sluggishness of mind also form a part of his personality. He is extremely fearful with fear of death, of misfortune and insanity.

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