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A Clove of Garlic for Good Health

Neetu Kumar

Garlic, available readily in every home is a good medicine for cough and many digestive problems. Here are a few tips on how to use garlic in different ways.

All Indians are aware of garlic as an ingredient used in cooking. Besides the culinary uses, garlic acts as a healing herb also.

Garlic is a pungent plant which adds flavour to the food that we eat. Not many people know that besides adding flavour to food, it helps in the digestion also. Adding a little garlic to your food can be very good for your stomach.

A great deal of scientific research shows that garlic aids digestion, relieves earache, acts as an expectorant and an antiseptic also.

Garlic has been in use as a medicine for cough, dyspepsia, dysentery, piles and to kill worms. Garlic expels the wind from the bowels, invigorates the stomach and maintains a normal digestion.

Garlic acts as an expectorant and expels mucus by liquefying it. It increases the flow of urine and kills thread worms & round worms.

In catarrh or severe cold or any respiratory infection, garlic relieves the congestion by expelling the mucus by liquifying it.

The juice of garlic if applied to wounded parts, helps in healing and acts as an antiseptic.

Giving Garlic a Try
Since even a little garlic has medicinal value, it is worth adding it as a seasoning to your food. Garlic can also be used in many other ways to aid many problems. Here are a few recipes.

Garlic Ear Drops

Garlic: 1 drachm; Nim-leaves: 1 drachm; Mustard oil (or sesamum oil): 2 ounces Heat the mixture till the garlic and nim leaves become black. Strain. This is useful in earache, discharge from the ears, etc.

Fast Facts

  • Aids digestion
  • Relieves earache
  • Acts as an expectorant
  • Acts as an antiseptic
  • Heals boils
  • Treats dysentery
  • Kills worms
Garlic for Dysentery Confection Ingredients: Boiled garlic: 1 ounce; Ghee: 1 ounce; Black sugar: 1 ounce Mix well.

Dose: One teaspoonful twice or thrice daily. Useful in dysentery.

Garlic Liniment Ingredients: Garlic: 1 ounce; Mustard oil (or Coconut oil); 8 ounces Boil well. This is useful as an external application in rheumatism, itching, etc. The juice is useful in elongation of the uvula. Apply it with a cotton swab. It is useful in diptheria too. Give 20 or 30 drops of the juice, twice or thrice daily. This is useful in bronchitis and worms in the bowels. Instead of juice you can give a decoction of garlic.

Garlic Decoction Ingredients: Garlic: 1 drachm; Water: 8 ounces Boil for 10 minutes.

Dose: One teaspoonful thrice daily. The garlic may be boiled in milk also.

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