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Expectant Mothers and Homoeopathy

Dr. Mamta Kukreja

Pregnancy is a time most suited for homoeopathic treatment. Not only does it help in offering relief for the ailments during pregnancy such as morning sickness, dyspepsia and hypertension but also makes the body healthier and more energetic.

The physical and emotional changes during pregnancy are intense and varied. Although these changes are a normal part of pregnancy but they can be very distressing as well. A basic understanding of these changes helps a woman to understand pregnancy and have a positive experience.

A pregnant woman is very likely to suffer from ailments such as morning sickness, backache, constipation, va***nal discharge and certain mood swings. These ailments are due to the changes that take place in the body during pregnancy, and are a normal part of it. The other common ailments during pregnancy such as hypertension, excessive vomiting and bleeding can be serious hazards to the health of the woman as well as the child.

The intake of allopathic drug preparations is not advisable during pregnancy since they may affect the health of the woman as well as her child. Because of the effects of these drugs, the child’s growth can be hampered. The homoeopathic medicines help relieve the woman’s complaints without an adverse effect on the woman or the child.

This article gives the common ailments during pregnancy with their management and the homoeopathic remedies that can offer relief for these common ailments.

We have divided this article in two parts, the second part of which we shall discuss in the next issue of Homoeopathy for All. This month, the problems of mood changes, morning sickness, backache, constipation, acidity and varicose veins are discussed. The next month we shall discuss more serious ailments such as hypertension, anaemia and haemorrage during pregnancy.

Emotions During Pregnancy
Although each pregnancy is unique, certain changes are common to all normal pregnancies.

First Trimester
Emotions during the first trimester are often unstable and the woman might suffer from feelings of depression. These changes can be connected with the hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy. Mood swings from great joy to deep despair are common. The woman may experience some uncertainty about assuming the new role of mother, fears about carrying the baby as well as labour and delivery.

Second Trimester
During the second trimester, the woman feels the baby move which leads to dramatic changes in a woman. She becomes excited about the pregnancy and has more energy during this period. Therefore, this period is commonly known as ‘glow of pregnancy.’

Third Trimeste
There is a sense of pride with anxiety during the third trimester. The woman is vulnerable to rejection, loss or insult at this time. The health and well being of the infant may preoccupy a woman’s thoughts during the last month of pregnancy.

The feelings and concerns experienced during pregnancy are a normal part of it. Each woman needs to come to terms with these changes. For this, the role played by the husband and the family is very important. The husband should be more caring and express his love for her by expressions such as cuddling and kissing. These small efforts made by the husband can be very uplifting for the woman. Homoeo-pathic remedies are helpful in making the women cope with the emotional changes during pregnancy.

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