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The Deadly Nightshade

Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Belladona plant; commonly known as the ‘Deadly Nightshade’ is the source of a wonderful homoeopathic medicine which is very commonly used in acute problems such as fever and sore throat.

Each homoeopathic remedy has a symptom/clinical picture of its own, that is, every remedy has particular features of it own, its own characteristics and only a definite group of symptoms which it can cure. It can be very interesting to read some of these remedies and their symptoms.

This month, Homoeopathy for All, presents a detailed picture of another very commonly used medicine in acute diseases ‘Belladona.’

Belladona is suited to vigorous, healthy individuals, robust children where the complaints come on suddenly and with great-violence, then subside just as suddenly. It is not to be used in prolonged, continuous or recurrent states or in complaints which come on gradually.

Guiding Symptoms

  • Complaints come on suddenly and with great violence
  • Violent heat
  • Redness - bright, shiny red skin
  • Intense burning in the inflamed parts
  • Swelling
  • Very sensitive to pain which come and go suddenly
  • Congestion with throbbing all over
  • Hot head and cold extremities
  • Great dryness of all mucous membranes
  • Worse for motion, at 3 p.m. and at night
Main Symptom Picture
Belladona is a remedy which is prescribed for the complaints that come on suddenly and with great violence. The patient catches a cold, suddenly on exposure to a cold draft.

Belladona is suited for inflammation of nearly all the organs when attended with a heat sensation, redness, swelling and burning. There is violent heat, so intense is this heat that it lingers on the hand after touching the patients skin.

The inflamed parts, and very commonly the skin are very red, bright and shiny which may turn dusky and mottled as the inflammation advances is another marked characteristic of Belladona. The throat burns like fire in throat affections, the skin burns in fever. The inflamed parts also swell rapidly and are very sensitive to touch with the sensation as if they would burst, with pressing, stinging, burning pains.

Belladona is the most suitable remedy for the pains that come on suddenly and with violence and vanish suddenly. There is great sensitivity to pain. Another characteristic of the pain is that it is throbbing in character. The patient is so sensitive to the pain that he suffers more than ordinary people do from the pain of same intensity. All the pains are worse from motion, night and cold and slightest jar.

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