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Am I Using the Correct Remedy?

We have all had frustration over using a remedy we aren’t sure is the correct choice. Here, we dedicate this column to the problems faced by the homoeopathic practitioners during their practice.

We have all had frustration over using a remedy that we aren’t sure is the correct choice. We wonder when should we notice an improvement. Or we use a remedy that was helping only to have the remedy not work the next time, or the remedy stops being effective during treatment.

There are questions we can ask to help answer -
Am I Using the Correct Remedy?
Is the Condition Acute or Chronic? Are You Dosing Properly for the Condition
Acute — give remedy every 15 minutes. You should see results within 24 hours. After improvement, dose three tablets — three times a day for a few more days. Hahnemann in the Organon, aphorism 248, tells us to potentize anew the medicine solution to give daily or every other day in long lasting diseases, every two to six hours in acute diseases, and every hour or sooner in urgent cases.

Is the Remedy Still the Simillimum the Best Match?
Evaluate the “picture of symptoms” that the person is presenting. Retaking the case can help you see things at a different angle that weren’t obvious or missed the first time.

Is the Potency Correct?
If the remedy is still the Simillimum, consider a potency change. Different potencies work on different levels of the body. Going to a higher potency can continue healing on a deeper level for chronic health conditions. Lower potencies can keep the healing on a more basic physical level. Hahnemann in the Organon, footnote to aphorism 247, tells us that the best selected homoeopathic remedy often works best when applied in several different potencies.

Have Symptoms Changed According to Hering’s Laws, Since the Remedy was First Given?
Hering’s Law states that as a person progresses towards health:

  • Symptoms move from upper parts to lower parts of the body (brain symptoms are deeper in the system than a foot problem, so symptoms would move from the top of the head to the feet);
  • Symptoms move from the inside to the outside i.e. a liver problem is deeper in the system than a skin problem);
  • Symptoms move from more vital organs to less vital organs’
  • Symptoms shall disappear in reverse order of their appearance.
In acute cases, when new symptoms appear, a new remedy is needed. You need a variety of remedies to quickly balance the body. Acting quickly can prevent illnesses from setting into the body and setting up for chronic weaknesses later.

Patterns of Healing/Possible Scenarios

Improvement in Condition: Continue the remedy with decreased frequency.

Condition is Cleared:
Stop remedy.

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