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Arthritis in Dogs

Rakesh M. Shinde

The benefits of homoeopathy over other systems of medicine for our pets are many. Our loved pets can also share the blessings of this great gift of homoeopathy, the most painless way of treatment. The diseases of domestic animals, yield as promptly to homoeopathic medicines as those of man. In this article we discuss the problem of arthritis in dogs and its homoeopathic treatment.

The advantages of homoeopathy are not the exclusive property of man, the animals, happily, share the blessings of this great gift of God to the creatures. The diseases of our domestic animals, which admit of cure, yield as promptly to homoeopathic medicines as those of man.

Our useful domestic animals have been too long in the hands of ignorant men, who, under the pretense of understanding their diseases, inflict tortures upon the helpless animals. The treatment of the diseases and accidents of animals should be conducted on principles as humane and scientific as those applied to man, and therefore, our pets should be treated by homoeopathic mode which is the most harmless and `sweetest’ method of cure. Our pets should no longer be subject to those tortures which are believed to relieve them of their pain.

The benefits of homoeopathy over other systems of medicine for our pets are many. It cures diseases and not palliate them with the humane nature of its cure. Everyone knows how horribly cruel some of the allopathic measures are. Firing, blistering and over-drugging a poor brute as sensitive to pain as man, are instruments of torture from which the mind recoils in disgust. If animals could speak, they would certainly express their gratitude for deliverance from the tortures of the other system of medicine! Moreover, homoeopathic medicines are less expensive and the dosage is very small.

The collection of the materials for this work is carried out by obtaining practical and authentic information from the friends of homoeopathy who have sought and found relief for their suffering animals through the use of homoeopathic remedies. In this article, we discuss the problem of arthritis in dogs with its homoeopathic treatment.

The canine skeletal system is composed of bones, cartilage, and ligaments that provide the body with a framework which supported by four strong legs, protect internal organs, and provide a full range of motion. The muscles furnish the power to propel the dog into action, but without healthy bones, joints, and connective tissue, the muscles would not be able to do their job. Joints—the skeletal hinges—give the skeleton flexibility for walking, trotting, running, jumping, climbing, and moving the head and neck to increase the field of vision. The dog’s body has three types of joints: ball and socket joint at the hip and shoulder joints; hinged joints at the knees and elbows; and gliding or plane joints at the wrists and ankles. The joints are lubricated for smooth action by synovial fluid and are stabilized by tendons and ligaments. When the joints are damaged by injury or disease, arthritis (joint inflammation) can occur.

“He has arthritis’’ is probably the most common reaction of the pet owner whose Jackie or Fluffy is stiff-legged after exercise, has trouble getting up in the morning, or is reluctant to go up or down stairs. Because such stiffness or lameness can have several causes and since arthritis itself comes in different types, a trip to the veterinarian is advised rather than slipping a couple of aspirin for the discomfort.

Degenerative Joint Disease
Arthritis results from inflammation in the joints and is generally divided into two types—degenerative and inflammatory—according to the source of that irritation.

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