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Dr. Pankaj Kumar

Aconite is a short acting remedy which cures ailments which appear suddenly from exposure to a very cold weather or very hot weather. Homoeopathy For All presents a detailed yet simplified picture of this often-used homeopathic remedy for acute and common problems— 'aconite nap.’

Each homeopathic remedy has a picture of its own, and only a definite set of symptoms which it can cure. An attempt has been made to review some of the most commonly used remedies for common ailments. The remedies here have been explained in a simplified manner and the most important symptoms have been highlighted.

This month, Homoeopathy For All, presents a detailed yet simplified picture of an often-used homoeopathic remedy for acute and common problems—'aconite nap’.

Aconite Napellus
Suddenness and intensity of attack mark out aconite—a great storm that suddenly appears and is over soon. If the condition lingers or does not have much intensity, it is not aconite. Vigorous, robust, healthy, rugged outdoor types, and energetic children are typical of this remedy.

Main Symptom Picture
Aconite is a short acting remedy, so it cures ailments which appear suddenly and last for a short time.
The class of patients who need aconite are the plethoric and vigorous people who have a strong heart, active brain and vigorous circulation and fall ill suddenly from violent exposure.

Aconite is suited to those complaints that appear suddenly from exposure to the very cold weather of winter or very hot weather of summer.

Characteristic Indications
The pains of aconite are so severe that the patient screams with pain. They are intense pains like knife stabs, stinging, cutting and stabbing.

Dizziness prevails throughout the symptom picture. Vertigo appears from fear. Headaches appear suddenly and with violence from exposure.

Aconite Personality

  • The mind (psychological) symptoms that are alwys associated with aconite conditions stand out.
  • The patient appears to be in a state of fear, panic and ungovernable patience.
  • The fear may be of death, crowds or of vague unknown horrors.
  • The patient is easily startled and may be agitated.
  • There is great aversion to being touched.

Guiding Symptoms
  • Suddenness and intensity
  • Exposure to cold and then ill the same day
  • Fear
  • Awful anxiety, anguish, great restlessness
  • Over-sensitivity
  • Burning pains
  • Great thirst for cold water
  • Bright red inflammation

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