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January 2021 Issue


COVID -19 Pandemic Crisis – Let’s Work Together to Rehabilitate Coronavirus Survivors

-Dr Ashish Kumar Jaiswal, Dr. Nidhi Luthra

Role of all health care systems needs to be established in the management of Post Covid complications. Homoeopathy is a promising medical care system in the management of cases suffering from Interstitial Lung disease. An integrated medical approach can go a long way in the management of complications which are arising due to coronavirus. This article gives an overview on Pulmonary fibrosis and how it can be managed with homoeopathic medicines.

Role of homoeopathy in Worm Infestation in Children - A review

-Dr. R. Valavan, Dr. Nitesh Sharma

Homoeopathy has positive role in such worm infestations, both as stand-alone treatment and as supportive therapy in case of severe cases, along with other general hygienic measures. In this article, we have given an outline on the different aspects of the condition and glimpse of homoeopathic remedies useful in the treatment of worms.

Sinusitis – Home Care and Homoeopathic Management

-Compiled by Editorial Dept, Homoeopathy for All

Sinusitis or sinus infection is inflammation of the air cavities within the passages of the nose. Sinusitis can be caused by infection, allergies, and chemical or particulate irritation of the sinuses. Most people do not spread sinus infections to other people.Sinusitis may be classified as acute sinus infection, subacute sinus infection, chronic sinus infection, infected sinusitis, and non-infectious sinusitis.

Multi-Dimensional Approach to a Common Problem - Worm Infections

-Prof. Dr. S. Sabarirajan, Prof. Dr. S.R. Ameerkhan Babu

Homoeopathy is a safe and reliable mode of treatment of worm infestations. These medicines strengthen the infection fighting mechanism of the body to eradicate the disease. Homeopathic medicines for worms not only eradicate the worms, but also help improve the overall health condition of the individual.

Worm Infestation

-Complied by Bakson’s Deptt. of Clinical Research and Product Development

Dr. Mudita Arora, Komal Kumari, Sabiba

Helminthiasis, also known as worm infection, is any macroparasitic disease of humans and other animals in which a part of the body is infected with parasitic worms, known as belminths.  

Miasmatic Prescribing in Cerebral Palsy

Dr. Ancy George, Dr. Jyoshna Shivaprasad

There is no cure or curative treatment of cerebral palsy, but it can be managed by using complementary treatments which can help bring relief from symptoms. The management plan should be holistic,

Worm Infestation

Dr Geeta Rani Arora , Dr Arti Goyal

And homeopathic literature is full of references and data which evidences use of homeopathy for worm infestation. Some remedies working as a sure shot in majority of cases.

My Rendezvous with Covid-19

Dr. R.N. Wahi

This excerpt is the personal experience of the author, Dr. Wahi, a Senior homoeopath who contracted coronavirus and treated himself with homoeopathic medicines.

OCD during COVID-19 and its Homoeopathic Management

Dr. Rashmeet Kaur, Dr. Farah Khan

COVID 19 has affected patients already suffering from OCD quite adversely. Their OCD has gone to the next level but there are ways to manage this disease. This article gives management of OCD with homoeopathic treatment.


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