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Homoeopathy For All - June 2020 Issue




Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Acquires 20

Sanat Products Limited

Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd., has recently acquired Sanat Products Ltd, as a 100 percent own subsidiary of Dr. Willmar Schwabe India Pvt. Ltd.


Boost Your Immunity - Say No to Infections 22

-Dr. Nidhi Luthra

Homeopathic remedies help strengthen the immunity by stimulating the body’s ability to heal itself by giving very small doses of highly diluted substances that in larger doses would produce similar illness or symptoms. The best thing about homeopathic remedies is that they are safe and without any side effects.

Focus 25

The Lessons Covid 19 has given to Health Care and the Opportunities to Homoeopathy

-Prof (Dr). ESWARA DAS

The potential of Homoeopathy as a standalone or as an adjunct need also to be promoted. The Homeopathic medicines are very safe. It is true that the effectiveness of Homeopathic medicine in Covid 19 has not been evaluated, but in several epidemics and viral infections medicines selected on the principles of Homoeopathy were found to be effective.

Focus 28

Homoeopathy in COVID-19 – A Complete Report on Ongoing Researches, Governments’ Advisories, Distribution of Prophylaxis to Frontline Warriors, COVID Nosode and therapeutics

-Dr. R. Valavan, Dr. Nitesh Sharma

In this article, we are updating the activities related to the application of homoeopathy in COVID-19 pandemic.

Homoeopathy for Anxiety 35

Anxiety - Get Rid of that Fear

Homoeopathy can help the Children get over anxiety and the fears that they face in their daily lives. Fears can be ranging from the fear of appearing for the examination, or fear of appearing on the stage, fear of attending a class of a teacher that they don’t like, fear of losing friends, and many such unexplained reasons of fear.

D & C ACT 55

Status of Homeopathic Medicines in the Drugs & Cosmetics Act, 1940 & Rules 1945 (Part-II)

-Dr. Prakash Joshi

Dementia 60 Berberis Vulgaris

-Dr. Mudita Arora, Komal Kumari

Dementia is a neurological condition that results in decline in multiple cognitive domains and is accompanied by a functional impairment. 

Materia Medica 72

-Dr. P. T. Ponmani Valavan

Berberis vulgaris is a well known remedy in homoeopathy most frequently used for removal of renal calculus.

St. Georege’s Homoeopathy 74

St. George’s Specially Manufactured Mother Tinctures (Part II)

Homoeopathy and Mental Health 78

Anxiety - Diagnose, Evaluate, Treat and Follow up

-Dr Geeta Rani Arora, Dr Arti Goyal

Homeopathy can be used for acute as well as chronic cases of anxiety disorder. Homoeopathic medicine selection includes psychological as well as somatic symptoms of anxiety. It will also consider the cause and triggering factors causing anxiety. The medicine when given on basis of rightly selected totality will reduce and annihilate the anxiety.


Medisynth’s Know Your Herb 50

Biochemic System 52

Allens tips for Physicians 70

BBP’s Soundarya Beauty Tips 84

Pondering views 86



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