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WOMEN'S DISORDERS >> Diet recommendations

A healthy and balanced diet is crucial for hormonal health and overall systemic balance. Eating wholesome organic foods with plenty of fruits and vegetables will help in the regulation of hormone production.
  • Avoid high-fat and highly processed foods. Hot dogs, pre-packaged meats, cookies, frozen dinners and most packaged white breads are processed foods that contain chemicals that adversely affect hormones levels.

  • Increase your fiber to 30 grams day to flush out your system.

  • Drink plenty of water and minimize consumption of caffeine, sugars, and alcohol.

  • Consume a natural, organic, and whole foods diet (raw fruit, vegetables and whole grains) as often as possible, since they are free of pesticides.

  • Include fish in your diet about three times a week, as it contains DHEA a vital hormone that influences the reproduction process and brain functioning.

  • Opt for natural, hormone-free dairy products and avoid milk and other dairy products that are derived from animals fed antibiotics and artificial growth hormones to increase production.







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