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HEART >> Symptoms of Hypertension
High blood pressure (HBP) or hypertension means high pressure (tension) in the arteries. Arteries are vessels that carry blood from the pumping heart to all the tissues and organs of the body. High blood pressure does not mean excessive emotional tension, although emotional tension and stress can temporarily increase blood pressure. Normal blood pressure is below 120/80; blood pressure between 120/80 and 139/89 is called “pre-hypertension”, and a blood pressure of 140/90 or above is considered high.

Headaches: Most people have experienced headaches from time to time.

Nosebleeds: Having nosebleeds for no apparent reason can be an indication a person’s blood pressure has gotten higher for one reason or another.

Blurred Vision: Changes in vision, for instance, blurred vision can also be a sign of high blood pressure.

Dizziness: Dizziness is one of the more common complaints from people whose blood pressure is high. Once again, there could be many reasons why a person may become dizzy.

Palpitations: There are many different types of palpitations. Lots of times a doctor will tell you not to pay any attention to palpitations. High blood pressure is one of the reasons a person could experience palpitations.

Tinnitus: Ringing in the ear, which is also known as tinnitus, is seen as one of the symptoms of hypertension.

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