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HEART >> Homoeopathic Remedies for Hypertension
Rauwfolia Serpentina
Patient feels the heartbeat to the throat. Palpitation efforts, intense, the feeling in the fingertips. Precordial pain on effort. Palpitation with an irregular heartbeat when lying, standing or walking better. Transient elevation of blood pressure followed by hypotension.

Good Medicine for Insomnia, sleeplessness- should be taken in large quantity 60 to 120 drops and more with quarter cup of water.

Ginseng is considered a stabilizer, energizer, and stress reducer. A number of people all over the world take it daily to boost their energy, vitality, and performance or in special situations such as convalescence, aging, and recovery. Ginseng has both short-term and long-term uses. On a short-term basis, you can use ginseng as a rapid and safe stimulant if you’ve had a sleepless night.

Great nervous excitability, exaltation, hysterical contractures, trembling, palpitation, sense of levitation, paroxysmal respiration, stitching pains, tension in the limbs, jerking, twitching, globus hystericus.

Natrum Mur
High Blood Pressure from stress. Vertigo with a tendency to fall to the left. May have urinary control problems, with loss of urine when laughing or coughing. Thirsty for cold drinks. Insomnia from grief or thoughts of past hurts.

Worse from: Sun, heat, noise, upset, cold weather, worse in mornings (10 am), may feel worse or better by the sea. Better from: Pressure, in the evenings.

Baryta Mur
systolic pressure high and diastolic pressure very low Baryta Mur 3X or 6X, 4 hourly

Kali Brom
Kalium bromide (Kali brom) is an excellent medication for people who are nervous and restive and always require to be occupied with something

Kali Phos
(see above for symptoms)

This is especially suitable for onset of High Blood Pressure from grief (current and suppressed grief), from shock, disappointment, injustices. Ignatia people are burdened with sadness and grief. They brood over how love relationships are going.and from perceived hurts. Headache as if nail driven through side of head. Headaches from tobacco smoke. Mental & physical exertion cause elevated blood pressure. Mental symptoms include depression, involuntary sighing, moody. Contradictory symptoms. Changeable moods.

Avena Sativa
Avena sativa can help to lower high blood pressure by diminishing fats found in the bloodstream.

Veratrum Viride
Helps in reducing both diastolic and systolic blood pressure. Helps to reduce blood pressure in 4-5 hours

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