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DIGESTIVE DISORDERS >> Test >> Lactose Intolerance Home Test
The Lactose Intolerance home test is simply avoiding all dairy products for three to four days in a row, and then on the next day, drinking a full glass of milk on an empty stomach. Observe any reactions. Then about four hours later, consume another serving of milk. If you experience bloating, gas, cramping, and/or diarrhea, you more than likely are lactose intolerant. There are a few ways that you can circumvent the discomfort of having lactose intolerance. You can avoid dairy products by using alternative sources of milk products, such as rice milk, soy milk, and other vegan alternatives to dairy. You can take over the counter lactase tablets with your dairy products to alleviate the discomfort before it starts, since the lactase breaks down the lactose in the dairy products. There are also drops of lactase that you can add to the milk before you drink it, or you can buy lactose free milk.

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