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DIABETES >> Homeopathic Remedies

Syzygium Jambolanum Q
Syzygium j.Q is primary remedy recommended to control the blood sugar level in diabetic patient.

Uranium Nit. 3X
Uranium Nit. is recommended by the homeopath in case of emaciation is marked in diabetic patient.

Acid Phos.Q or 6X
Acid Phos.Q is given when the diabetic patient is suffering from nervous weakness. In case, the symptoms of Diabetic men are that he feels lethargic, listless and overall weakness.

Natrum Mur 12X or 30
Natrum Mur is given under the pronounced symptom of excessive thirsty feeling among the diabetic. Also when the diabetic patient is suffering from wasting disease, if the person is feeling sad and in presence of constipation.

Cephalandra Ind. Q
Cephalandra Ind. Q is given when diabetic patient is suffering from of general powerlessness, feeling very thirsty, passing more urine, with frequent occurrence of boils along with problem of diabetic itching.

Gymnema Syl. Q
Gymnema Syl. Q is given in case of problem of general incapability in diabetic patient. When the diabetic person complains of excessive thirst along with dryness in mouth along with the problem of urination more frequently at night and in large quantity. This natural remedy can also be administered when there is complain of pruritus vulvae without eruptions.

Abroma Augusta
Urine profuse < at night and of high specific gravity. Excessive thirst with dryness of mouth. Patient suffers from insomnia and prostration, and patient is averse to do any physical and intellectual labour. Mentally patient is of irritable nature, forgetful and morose.

Avena Sativa
Avena Sativa is a wonderful nerve and brain tonic. It has a tremendous nutritional value and a great effect on the nervous system. It is used for nervous exhaustion, s*x**l neurasthenia, and acts as  best tonic after exhausting diseases.

Ashwagandha helps normalize high blood sugar and improve insulin sensitivity.

Helonias Q
Diabetes mellitus, and insipidus. Constant aching and tenderness over kidneys.

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