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DIABETES >> Haemoglobin A1c Test
Haemoglobin A1c (HbA1c) is formed when haemoglobin binds to glucose; the level of HbA1c in the blood is relative to the level of glucose in the bloodstream. In people who have diabetes, the levels of HbA1c may be higher than normal, as the levels of glucose in their blood are higher. If diabetes is controlled, the level of HbA1c will stabilise; however, if the diabetes is not treated, this will cause levels of HbA1c to rise.

The test is primarily used to monitor the condition of patients with diabetes; the test allows doctors and patients to see how well diabetes has been controlled over the last couple of months. The results of the test show the average amount of glucose in the blood over a period of time.

The test is usually carried out at least twice a year on patients with diabetes; it may be carried out more regularly in patients who have been diagnosed with the condition more recently.

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