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:: November 2003 ::

I retired from service in 2001. Now I am 60 years old. I request medicine for Facial spasms. Suffer from diabetes since 15 years. I am using Daonil and glyciphage under control. I suffer from hypothyroidism also and am using Eltroxin 1.25 mg daily.

I suffer from facial spasms since July. I have used allopathic medicines but no relief. Neurologist suggested me to have ‘Botax’ injection once in six months, which is a very costly affair.

I have also used homoeopathic medicines like Causticum, Agaricus, Sulphur etc. prescribed by homoeopathic doctors but have not found any relief till now.

I humbly request you to suggest a remedy for my problem. Due to the spasms I don’t have any pain but inconvenience while talking and reading.
G. Appa Rao
Vijaywada, India


I think you continue your treatment from qualified homoeopathic doctor practicing in your area for proper assessment of symptoms. On the basis of above symptoms homoeopathic drugs - Mygale Lasedona, Digitalis or Plumbum metallicum can be tried to help you in your facial spasms. Ask your doctor regarding the same.


I am sending herewith a case for enquiry.

Name. Shri Hari Kishan Lal Chugh, Age 68 years, Retired railway officer. Presently working as the secretary of Arya Samaj Mandir, Ghaziabad. Physique is normal.

During 1962 the patient got pain in gall bladder/liver region and was told that his gall bladder is not functioning properly. Whenever he takes fried food or any heavy meal he gets pain over gall bladder/ liver region and he was advised to avoid fried food. In between he was told to go for ultrasound to check up regarding stone in gall bladder but it was clear.

He was advised in September 2001 to go for CT Scan. In this it was detected that he is suffering from pancreatitis. He had been under going allopathy treatment till today but pain still persists.

He has acute problem of constipation, usually does not pass stool for 2-3 days continuously and he has to take some purgative and then only he passes stool.

In the mean time he went to Mumbai where he passed stool regularly. He has acute problem of gas and bad odour, heaviness after meals. His thirst is normal, likes sweet things.
Dr. R.K. Mittal
Ghaziabad, U.P., India


The treatment of the patient can be started with Alumina 30 twice a day. He may be requiring Lycopodium, Chelidonium and Thuja in due course of time according to symptomatology. It will be appropriate if you send the information with more details through


I have just passed the final BHMS examination. What are the qualifications that I would need for getting admission in the M.D. Course of other universities?
Jaya Kumari
Kerala, India


Any student who has passed out BHMS qualification as per Central Council of Homeopathy syllabus having all the above mentioned subjects shall qualify in appearing M.D. courses offered by homoeopathic colleges which are available in seven subjects viz. Organon and Homeopathic Philosophy, Repertory, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, Practice of Medicine and Pediatrics. The homoeopathic doctor is not entitled for M.D. courses in other systems of medicine like Allopathic, Ayurvedic etc. The details of M. D. courses available in homeopathy can be seen at

:: October 2003 ::

Is homoeopathy effective in treating osteoarthritis?
Aditi Jayraj
Nasik, India


Homoeopathy is of great help, especially in the early stages of Osteoarthritis to prevent its further progression, when given along with proper regime. However, in late stages with advanced degenerative changes, homoeopathy like any other system of medicine has its limitations. However if you are interested for the exact desire you may send your case for free consultation on our website


I write this to know the veracity of the claim of the recently started college in my hometown in the name ‘JSS Electro – Homoeopathy medical College’. The so called college stared in the northern Kerala district of Kannur has already started functioning and claims to have authorization from the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, New Delhi. The courses offered are diploma and degree, spanning one and half years and four and half years respectively. They also claim that RMP registration would be provided for those who successfully complete the course and also for those who could not acquire the registration due to non-formal education in homoeopathy.

So please inform me whether the college has any recognition as has been claimed.
E.V. Krishnan
Kasargod, Kerala, India


Electro homoeopathy or electropathy is not homoeopathy. Govt. of India and all the state government only recognize homoeopathy as a system of medicine along with Ayurveda, unani, Siddha, yoga and naturopathy. Therefore all such electropathic colleges are functioning on their own and try to identify with the recognized systems of medicine. The persons after passing out from such colleges cannot legally practice homoeopathy.


Is it essential for a doctor to put up a display with their consultation fee in their clinics?
Dhiraj Kumar
Amritsar, India


It would always be better to display the charges of the consultation as it facilitates the patients in their consultation. However I am not aware whether it is legally required. The ethical considerations for homoeopathic physician have been given in the code of ethics regulations which may be referred at

I am suffering from chronic constipation for last about ten years and to ease myself in the morning I am to take ‘Kayam churan’ daily at bedtime. Every morning I go to the toilet three to four times to ease myself. However, for last 3-4years when stool is not clear, wind is formed in the stomach. It goes upward and I feel reeling in the head. I have consulted gastroenterologist who advised me to take Inj-Hanabarin 6, Protoloc (40 mg) and Felvite (5 mg). I used these medicines for 2-3 months but I did not get any permanent relief. My age is about 69 years and during the last ten years I have lost weight from 70 kg to 58 kgs. I get proper appetite and take food, mostly vegetarian regularly.


I have read one article by Dr. Rajive Sood in the magazine ‘Homoeopathy for All’, where some homoeopathic medicines for chronic constipation have also been prescribed.

I need medical advice with regards to the medicines I should take and the daily diet I should follow.
A.R. Sharma
Dimapur, Nagaland, India


The information given by you is not adequate enough to select a homoeopathic medicine. It will be appropriate if you send complete details of your case through Govt. of Delhi’s website – We shall be able to give you complete advice.

:: September 2003 ::

I have been reading your column with great interest. I would like to know whether the Homoe- opathic qualification -MNCH (U.S.A.) is recognized in India and endorses one to practice homoeopathy. There is an ENT surgeon in my locality who has recently added this affixation (MNCH) to his name and is practicing homoeopathy and allopathy along side. Could you please clarify this for the benefit of lay people like me, who get entrapped by such unscrupulous practitioners? I would also like to know that can the allopathic people who are M.B.B.S. practice anything without proper/formal study and prescribe anything from any system of medicine for the patient under the sun. If that is so why can't the homoeopaths prescribe in the same manner? I would also like to know where could one complain about such types of practitioners.
Kamal Narayan Rao


Homoeopathy practice and registration in Delhi is governed by the provisions of Delhi Homoeopathic Act, 1956 amended from time to time and Central Council of Homoeopathy Act, 1973. The qualification MSCH (U. S. A.) is not a recognized qualification and any person possessing this qualification with any of the degree of modern system of medicines is not entitled to practice and prescribe homoeopathic medicine legally. If you have any grievance against such practitioners you may write to the Directorate of Health Services, F-17, Karkardooma, New Delhi or to the Registrar, Board of Homoeopathic System of Medicine, Block 8/A, Old Secretariat, Delhi for taking necessary action in the matter.


I am a regular reader of 'Homoeopathy for All'. I am a graduate civil engineer and serving at State Bank of India as Manager. I am deeply interested in homoeopathy. I got my diploma in homoeopathy and biochemistry through correspondence course from Maveli Homoeo Mission, Trivandrum, which is registered with Kerala Govt. This mission is a social service institution primarily devoted to the task of propagating homoe- opathic concepts of treatment among masses and to create sense of awareness among the people that most of their bodily ailments cured by natural systems of treatment of homoeop- athy. It is serving and has treated many patients since 1948.

The coaching was very systematic, covering wide range of subjects. All subjects were dealt in its entirety. After each 30-35 lessons, tests were conducted. On completion of the course in one year, the final exams were conducted. I passed securing first class and after completion of clinical training at the mission, I was awarded Diploma in Homoeopathy and Biochemistry. I have also treated good number of patients successfully and some complicated cases, which were not cured by allopathy also. The Mission says with this Diploma we can practice homoeopathy, as Central Act does not prohibit lay practice of homoeopathy. Based on this certificate Indian Council of Alternative Medicines, Kolkatta, has granted registration as RMP in biochemic system of medicine.

I would like to practice homoeopathy and serve the ailing humanity in a professional capacity. I want to educate common people on personal hygiene, sanitation, disease prevention methods and importance of healthy, vigorous life to avoid debilitating diseases, which require costly and habit-forming diseases. I also work to build up a society devoted to the noble cause of homoeopathy and bring relief to the sick.
Jayaraj. H


Practice of homeopathy without possessing any recognized qualification and valid registration number is illegal. The so called diploma in homoeopathy and bio-chemistry is not recognized under Central Council of Homoeopathy Act. 1973. Therefore you cannot practice homoeopathy based on the diploma obtained through your Maveli Homoeo Mission, Trivandrum and RMP certification. The said institution appears to be giving wrong impression that they have been authorized. Such institutions have no legal authority and are misleading the public. Further the registration certificate given by so called Council of Alternative Systems of Medicine, Kolkatta also appears to be not genuine and does not give legal authority to practice homoeopathy. If you are interested you may complaint about such institution to the Council of Homoeopathy, West Bengal or to the Health Department of West Bengal Govt. for initiating suitable action. I am happy to learn that you are well devoted towards homoeopathy and your wishes can be fulfilled if you open a charitable homoeopathic clinic wherein you are required to employ qualified homoeopathic doctors.


I have just passed the final BHMS examination from Dr. J.K. Saikia Govt. Homoeopathic Medical College, Jorhat, Assam conducted by Dibrugarh University. But I have some confusion about the distribution of subjects of III BHMS and IV BHMS class of our university.

In II BHMS we appeared for the following subjects-
1. Practice of medicine
2. Surgery
3. Obstetrics and Gynaecology
4. Organon of medicine
5. Materia Medica
In IV BHMS we appeared for the following subjects
1. Practice of medicine
2. Surgery
3.Obstetrics and Gynaecology
4. Materia Medica
5. Homoeopathic repertory

Now, my questions are-
1. Do these distributions of subjects and papers qualify us for getting admission in the M.D. Course of other universities?
2. What should be the pattern of the final year mark sheet in such a situation? How are the honors marks of any subject mentioned in the mark sheet - is it by mentioning the marks of all the previous papers of the subject in a single mark sheet or so?

Here I want to mention that the syllabus of study of all the subjects is same as per CCH standards of education.
Dr. Naba Krishna Deb Naik
Jorhat, Assam


Any student who has passed out BHMS qualification as per Central Council of Homeopathy syllabus having all the above mentioned subjects shall qualify in appearing M.D. courses offered by homoeopathic colleges which are available in seven subjects viz. Organon and Homeopathic Philosophy, Repertory, Materia Medica, Pharmacy, Psychiatry, Practice of Medicine and Pediatrics. The homoeopathic doctor is not entitled for M.D. courses in other systems of medicine like Allopathic, Ayurvedic etc. The details of M. D. courses available in homeopathy can be seen at


I am a B class registered homoeopathic practitioner registered with Tamil Nadu Council practicing homoeopathy - 3 days in Tamil Nadu area and 3 days in Kerala area. Some of my friends are of the opinion that a B class practitioner of Tamil Nadu registration is not entitled to practice at Kerala area and registration from Kerala Board is essential.

Is it possible to get registration from two states or registration from one state is sufficient enough to practice in another state.

Kindly also clarify that am I entitled to register myself in the Central Council of Homoeopathy, if so under what rule?
Dr. M. Gopal Krishnan
Shangottai, Tamil Nadu


The rights of a 'B' Class registered homoeopathic practitioners are protected under the Section 15 (b) of Central Council of Homoeopathic Act. 1973, and section 26 (2) which states:

(1) Subject to the conditions and restrictions laid down in this Act regarding practice of Homoeopathy by persons possessing certain recognized medical qualifications, every person whose name is for the time being borne on Part I of the Central Register of Homoeopathy shall be entitled according to his qualifications to practice Homoeopathy in any part of India and to recover in due course of law in respect of such practice any expenses, charges in respect of such practice any expenses, charges inn respect of medicaments of other appliances or any fees to which he may be entitled.

(2) Subject to the provisions of subsection (3) of section 15, any person whose name is for the time being borne on Part II of the Central Register of Homoeopathy, may practice Homoeopathy in any State, other than the State where he is enrolled on the State Register of Homoeopathy with the previous approval of the Government of the State where he intends to practice.

As you are registered in Tamil Nadu and intend to practice for 3 days in Kerala what you are required to do is to get permission from the State Govt. of Kerala for practicing in the Kerala on the basis of your registration in Part B of Central Register maintained by Central Council of Homoeopathy. You are required to write a letter to Secretary, Central Council of Homoeopathy enclosing your registration certificate issued by Tamil Nadu Homoeopathic council for knowing your registration number in the Central Register of Homeopathy. on the basis of your registration number in the Central Register you may apply to the Kerala Govt. for permission to practice and there is no need for registration in Kerala.


In a homoeopathy magazine in Malayalam language, a method applying medicines is reported by a homoeopathic doctor that medicines can be applied through photographs, hair etc. of a distanced patient or through phone to the distanced patient. The doctors refer to a book "Dr. Shani's transmission of homoeo drugs energy from a distance." The doctor also gives an account of his treatment as a case study.

Can you give an account on this subject in your magazine?
M.T. Balakrishnan
Malappuram, Kerala


I have also heard about this way of distributing homoeopathic medicine but it appears to be a non practical and non scientific method of delivering homoeopathic medicine. I don't think it is necessary to highlight such hypothetical system in the magazine, which is published with the aim of popularizing homoeopathy and informing the factual position of homoeopathy to general public.


I would like to know that whether there is any directive from the Govt of India regarding sale of homoeopathic medicines in Allopathic pharmacies in places where there is no Homoeopathic Pharmacy. A senior colleague of mine directed me to contact you for correct news. Some Homoeopathic magazines have published as stated above.
Dr. S.K. Suman,
Dist East Kameng A.P.


The sale of homoeopathic medicine has been facilitated by a notification issued by Govt. of India wherein commonly used homoeopathic and bio-chemic drugs have been declared as over the counter (OTC) products and their sale is not prohibited by even allopathic chemists. The purpose of this notification is to ensure the availability of common homeopathic medicines in the far flung countries where it is not financially viable to establish separate hompeopathic chemist shop.

:: July 2003 ::

Being a science graduate, I am practicing homoeopathy since five years with good performance. My problem is that I do not have any certificate for legal practice. Please give me information of any homoeopathic course except B.H.M.S., that I can undergo and practice homoeopathy legally?


There is no recognized course for allowing practicing homeopathy legally other than the BHMS which is a five and half years regular course in the recognized college after passing 12th class with science background. All correspondence or short term courses being offered by various news bulletins are unrecognized and are illegal.


I am a first year B.H.M.S. student. I desire to know in detail, if there is any scope of further recognized study and research work in this field in India and abroad?
Soumitra Deb


The Central Council of Homoeopathy has already notified post graduate courses in homoeopathy in seven subjects namely Materia medica, Organon and Philosophy, Repertory, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, Practice of Medicine Psychiatry. These courses are available in several colleges up-to date list can be obtained from After passing BHMS you may pursue any of these courses.


Please let me know what is P.G.R. (Bombay) degree or fellowship?
R. Kumar,


The exact nomenclature is P. G. C. R. (Bombay). It is post graduate course in Rehabilitation being undertaken by the All India Institute of Physical medicine and Rehabilitation, Haji Ali Park, Mumbai. It is four weeks certificate level programme usually in the month of June every year for training the medical graduates in the rehabilitation of physically challenged patients.


I am a fresh graduate from a homoeopathic college and would like to set up a practice but my problem is that I do not have the right amount of funds to start a clinic. I wish to know if there are any banks, which provide loans to doctors, or if CCH has some provision to provide financial help to people like us?
Dr. J. Chugh


The Central Council of Homoeopathy do not provide funds/loan for the establishment of homeopathic clinics. The purpose of the council is to lay down the standard of homeopathic education and to recognize the colleges for this purpose. Council is also maintaining central register of homeopaths. Nowadays the nationalized as well as private banks are offering soft loans to the professionals, it will be appropriate if you try for loans from these banks.


I was reading your earlier 'Readers Queries' column where you have mentioned that government has some provision for people to start extramural research in homoeopathy. Could you please let me know what are the other requirements that need to be completed to start such a research center before approaching the Ministry?
Dr. S. S. Reddy


The scheme for extramural research has been given in detail in the official website of Department of Indian system of medicine and homoeopathy, Govt. of India, The complete information can be downloaded from this website.


While choosing a homoeopath, what qualifications should we look for in a person so that we are assured that the doctor is properly qualified and not a quack?
Sri Laxmi


Every homeopathic doctor, after passing out from the college gets himself registered with the respective State Board/Council of Homoeopathy. Therefore all the homeopaths who are registered with the State Board/Council or Central Council of Homoeopathy are lawfully authorized to practice homeopathy. Many of these homeopaths are displaying these registration certificates in their clinics.


I am a practicing M.B.B.S. doctor with deep interest in homoeopathy. Is there any official government sanction -correspondence or regular course in which I can get a diploma or any other qualification to practice homoeopathy legally?
Dr. S. Sridhar


There is no courses for MBBS doctors in India wanting to learn and practice homeopathy legally. However MBBS doctors are entitled for admission in the M. F. (Hom) course being conducted by "Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, Greenwell Street, London, for getting admission to this course you can correspond to the, WIW 5 BP. Telephone - + 442073918823
Fax + 442073918812
E-mail rlhhconference@comp-
This degree is recognized in India for practicing homeopathy.


It is a common practice seen especially amongst retired people to start practicing homoeopathy by just reading books, which is quite frustrating for us homoeopaths who have toiled for five and a half years to get a degree. Can't an action been taken against such people who are practicing without a proper qualification in their hands?
Dr. Ritu Bhargava
New Delhi


It is not correct position that retired people are practicing homeopathy just by reading books, having no registration. No one can practice homeopathy in Delhi without registration with the Delhi Homoeopathic Board. Anyone having a registration with the board, may be on experience basis, one is lawfully entitled for practicing homeopathy, but any person practicing without any registration it is illegal. If you are sure that any person practicing in your area is not having proper registration you may complain about the same to the anti-quackery cell of the government or to the Delhi Homeopathic Board, necessary action against such persons can be taken.

:: June 2003 ::

GATE and Patent acts are to be implemented in near future over medicines. Will there be any effect of these acts over homoeopathy. If yes, please tell me in detail? What will be the minimum requirement to open a homoeopathic hospital and a shop?
Sushil Agrwawal
Ambikapur, Chattisgarh


The policy of Indian government has changed from socialist towards the liberalization and globalization from 1990 onwards. India has also become member of WTO and is also partner in the GATE and Patent Act. The conventional homoeopathic medicines are developed through drug proving on healthy human beings and subsequently their symptoms are verified in patients by the homoeopathic fraternity. The conventional medicines are then included in homoeopathic materia medica which can be manufactured, sold and used by any qualified homoeopathic doctor. So there is hardly any scope for being affected by the GATE and Patent act. However there is another aspect of developing various combinations of homoeopathic medicines by different manufacturers for the treatment of various disease entities on the basis of their exclusive research according to the international parameters given in the document of WHO on the policy of traditional systems of medicine. This document can be seen at the official website of WHO

The homoeopathic hospital can be started by any agency having qualified homoeopathic doctors to run. There are no restrictions from the government side for the establishment of homoeopathic hospital. However if any organization wants to establish homoeopathic college along-with hospital there are guidelines for the same which can be seen in the official website of Central Council of Homoeopathy and website of Department of ISM and homoeopathy, Government of India The chemist shop for the sale of homoeopathic medicines requires license from the state drug controller.


I am practising homoeopathy for the last 33 years after obtaining a postal diploma, M.M.H. from the Homoeopathic Medical Mission, Trivandrum (now renamed as Mayevalli Medical Mission) and also obtaining a registration (R.M.P.) from the Council of Alternative Systems of Medicine, Kolkatta directed and controlled by Dr. Prof. Pradip Kumar Biswas.
I am eager to register myself under Part-B of the Council by obtaining a suitable certificate/diploma, if any sponsored by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, through postal course or part-time course.

I have come across an advertisement published in the daily "Ananda Bazaar Patrika", a leading daily newspaper in West Bengal published by the Institute of Health and Medical Science, Kakdwip, South 24 Paraganas, West Bengal (phone no.03210-255-433), the contents of which are as under:

" Obtain DHMS and BHMS with registration through postal course, under the approval from CCH immediately. For details write to Institute of Health and Medical Science, Kakdwip, South 24 Paraganas, West Bengal with a MO for Rs.100/-

When contacted over phone yesterday, I have come to know from the said institute that they have obtained due authority from you for so and issue DHMS and BHMS

ertificates/diplomas. The course fee is Rs.16,000/- and Rs.18,000/- respectively and the duration of the courses (postal) are 3 and 6 months only.

I request you to kindly advice me through your monthly whether the said institute has been actually authorised by the Council to impart such courses and issue certificate and diplomas with registration. This information is needed to save the innocent students from being cheated.
Shyamal Kumar Dutta,


Thank you very much for asking such a question which is of great importance for the general public. The recognized qualification in homoeopathy is not imparted by any institution through postal courses.
The said institution appears to be giving wrong impression that they have been authorized by anyone to issue DHMS and BHMS on the basis of postal courses. Such institutions have no legal authority and are misleading the public. It will be appropriate if you complaint about such institution to the Council of Homoeopathy, West Bengal or to the Health Department of West Bengal Govt. for initiating suitable action.

Your registration in the Part -II of the Central Register notified by Central Council of Homoeopathy, statutory body of Govt. of India, is not possible at this stage as the same has already been stopped for the last many years. The registration certificate given by so called Council of Alternative Systems of Medicine, Kolkatta also appears to be not genuine and does not give legal authority to practice homoeopathy, however the same may also be confirmed from the Central Council of Homoeopathy,


I am regular reader of your homoeo-magazine. I have read in readers queries March 15th vol. 4 regarding Diploma in faculty of the homoeopathy, faculty of homoeopathy London courses are recognised in India.

I will be thankful to you if you give me the full particulars of that college or institution which gives D.F.HOM, M.F.HOM, FF.HOM.

How to apply to obtain that diploma? Kindly give me information.
Thanking you,
Yours Sincerely,
Rajeswari. S


M. F. (Hom) is only open to MBBS graduates and for getting admission to this course you can correspond to the:

Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital, Greenwell Street, London, WIW 5 BP. Telephone - + 442073918823
Fax + 442073918812

:: May 2003 ::

I have passed 12 with PCB subjects. I have got 48 % in PCB and according to CCH, I am illegible to get admission in any university. But no university is following this rule. Please tell me which university is following the rule of CCH so that I can try for admission? And please also take strict action on those universities, which are not following the rule of CCH?
Devashya Shukla


Universities and homoeopathic colleges are adopting different strategies to shortlist the students for the admission. CCH rules do not prescribe minimum percentage in 12th Class with PCB for getting admission into the Homoeopathic College. The universities are also academic bodies and are competent to decide about the entry level percentage. Since your present percentage is not good enough for getting admission in homoeopathic courses, it is advisable if you try to improve the percentage and then aspire for admission in a Homoeopathic Medical College.


I came to know from #8220; Readers queries & #8221; -March & #8217 03 that BHMS doctor can also perform autopsy legally. Now, I want to know why BHMS doctors are unable to undertake P.G course in forensic medicine. Why this course is available for MBBS doctors only?
Dr.P.K.Bhattacharya, Arunachal Pradesh.


Post graduate Courses for Homoeopathic undergraduates are decided by the Central Council of Homoeopathy, a statutory body constituted as per the provision of Homoeopathy, Central Council Act 1973. The Council has so far notified Post Graduation in the subjects of Materia Medica, Organon and Philosophy, Repertory, Practice of Medicine, Psychiarity, Homoeopathic Pharmacy and Paediatrics. Therefore Homoeopathic graduates can not undertake P.G. in Forensic medicine.


I have just started practicing since 2 months in a small town Kallam. I am a regular reader of magazine 'Homoeopathy for All' since last one year. I have a question in my mind that globules, which are made up of cane, sugar. Is it safe for diabetics or do they cause to raise blood sugar, are they necessary to give them medication using only water as a medium?
Dr. Alka B. Karanjekar


It is safe to dispense homoeopathic drugs in sugar globules for diabetic patients as the quantity used is very small for raising the blood sugar level, however if homoeopathic drugs is required to be used in frequent doses, it is advisable to dispense in aqua distillata.


Please give me information regarding the exact time of advertisement for PG courses in homoeopathy conducted by the government homoeopathic institutions along with the name of probable source (newspaper or employment news) and session?
Pravas Kumar


There are no uniform timings for the P.G. Courses by the Govt. as well as Private college, normally most of the college admits students in the month of Jan-March, however updated information about the status of P.G. courses can be obtained from the web-site www.


Please give me the details of the following courses?
a) NEHM (RMP), C grade
b) DEHM, B Grade, Diploma in electro-homoeopathy
c) BEMS, 41/2 year course in electrohomoeopathy
d) MD (EH), A grade correspondence course


These courses are not of homoeopathy and have not been recognized.

:: April 2003 ::

I want to undertake a research project in homoeopathy and I already have a project report ready for the same. Kindly let me know the ways by which I can get financial support from the government as I recently heard that the government gives monetary support to start such projects?
Dr. Jayesh Patel


Department of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India provides financial assistance under the extra mural research projects of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy. You can apply under this scheme for undertaking up your research project. For more details you may log on


What is the procedure to set up a homoeopathic college in India?
Dr. Chaman Lal


Central Council of Homoeopathy, a statutory body of Govt. of India lays down the minimum standards of education, requirements for the opening of homoeopathic college. Any society or organization if wants to set up a homoeopathic college and hospital should approach respective state Govt. of Essentiality certificate, concerned university and then after completing formalities as given in the Central Council of Homoeopathic Minimum Standard Regulations may approach Department of Indian Systems of Medicine and Homoeopathy, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India. After getting approval from the Govt. of India, new college can be set up. More information about this can be obtained from the web site


Can biochemic medicines act as food supplements? If yes, can we use these instead of the multivitamins and other supplements prescribed by our doctors?
Radhika Goel


Biochemic medicines are not food supplements, these salts are dynamised with sugar of milk in the ratio of 1 : 9 with every potency, the quantity of medicine in biochemic drugs is so minute that it can act only dynamically not physiologically therefore it is not correct to use them as multivitamin and food supplements. These drugs can be good supplements to homoeopathic treatment if used judiciously with specific dietary instructions.


I recently met a patient who was suffering from a serious skin disease-pemphigus vulgaris. On knowing that I was a homoeopath, she complained that she got her skin disease due to homoeopathic medicines, which were being prescribed to her by a local homoeopath for her joint problems. I was a little shocked to hear that and wondered if our medicines could produce such an effect? Is it possible that homoeopathic medicines can produce such a disastrous effect on human body?
Dr. John Andrews


Pemphigus vulgaris is an auto-immune disorder of skin and can not be caused by homoeopathic treatment. Homoeopathic drugs are absolutely safe and it is myth that homoeopathic drugs essentially first aggravate the skin disease before curing. It may be a co-incidence that the disease started after the homoeopathic treatment for some other disease.


I have been taking homoeopathic treatment from a local homoeopath for eczema for seven months now but without relief. Since I have a lot of faith in homoeopathy, I decided to try another homoeopathic doctor, so I asked the doctor from whom I was taking treatment for the name of medicines which she had already prescribed to me. But she refused point blank. Even on my repeated requests she did not comply.

I want to know that is the doctor not legally bound to give the patient the names of the medicines or does she have the right to hide this vital information from her patients? What action can be taken against her in case she is legally bound to give the patient the desired information?
Ramesh Chandwani


Every physician is required to give prescription to every patient irrespective of any pathy one practices. It is fundamental right of the patient to know the names of drugs prescribed and dispensed. If any physician refuses to tell the names of the drugs complaint can be lodged with the Homoeopathic Board of respective state. The action against the physician can be taken as per the provisions of the Homoeopathic Act of the respective State.


I would like to open a research centre for conducting research in homoeopathy. What is the criteria and procedure for the same? Does the government fund such organisations and such projects?
Dr. K.L. Sridhar


We appreciate your concern to towards the research in Homoeopathy. Department of ISM and Homoeopathy, Govt. of India is encouraging such ex-mural research projects through their scheme and is also providing grant in aid in this direction. You can have the information, criteria and procedure on


I am an intern doctor of B.H.M.S. from Rajasthan University, Jaipur. I want to do M.D. in Homoeopathy from any good govt. homoeopathic college outside Rajasthan. Can you tell me in which government colleges have the 4 new branches been started? (Psychiatry, pediatrics, medicine, pharmacy). Can you give me address and information regarding admission in these collages?
Aditya Vijay


It seems that you are very much interested in pursuing M. D. courses in the subjects of psychiatry, pediatrics, medicine and pharmacy. These courses are at present not available in any Government homoeopathic medical colleges to best of our information. Some of the colleges in Southern state might have started M.D. in these subjects. However M.D. (Hom) is available in the following colleges:

1. G.D.Memorial Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital,East Ram Krishna Nagar, Patna-800 020

2. Sonajirao Kshirsagar Homoeopathic Medical College,Vidhya Nagar, College Road (W),Beed-431 122.

3. Dr. M.L. Dhawale Memorial Trust, 40 Parekh Street, St., Girgaum, Mumbai-400001

More information about M.D. (Hom) may be obtained from the web-site

:: February 2003 ::

I among others have qualified BHMS. Like other states sufficient grants are provided for homoeopathy in Jammu and Kashmir state but practically there is no homoeopathic department existing. Where are the funds utilized? Is there any accountability? CCH is the statutory body of homoeopathy in India which formulates plans and programs for the development of homoeopathy in India, we have provided all the necessary documents including CCH act to the Health Department of J&K. Is there any proposal for development of homoeopathy in J&K? If so, what steps is it initiating? I may also request that previously we met the Ex-health Minster of J&K state regarding the development of homoeopathy, who told us that the state government cannot take any step unless central government asks to do it. Kindly favour with your kind opinion and valuable suggestions in the matter.

Also favour us with destination wise Homoeopathic Pharmacist Training Institutes in India?

Dr. Yaqoob Gull
Homoeopathic Doctors Association (J&K)


The concern for the development of homoeopathy in your state is acknowledged. The information about the Central Council of Homoeopathy can be obtained from its web-site To improve the situation in your state it will be appropriate if through the Health department of J& K your association approaches, Department of ISM and Homoeopathy, Ministry of Health and Family, Govt. of India, for specific grant from the Govt. Your association should pursue their case for the development of homoeopathy by opening of government dispensaries in each district in the existing allopathic dispensaries/primary health centres. As regards recognized training in homoeopathic pharmacy is concerned, there are no pharmacy training institutes however in some of the colleges of Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala such courses have been introduced recently.


From where can I get foreign journals of Germany and other European countries?

In which European country post graduation in homoeopathy is available and what are the prerequisites for admission?

From where can I get the software of homoeopathic medicines?
Aijaz Aziz Sulemani


You can get the foreign journals of Germany and other European countries through Central News Agency located at E-4/15 Jhandelwalan, New Delhi - 110005. You can contact them on their email id and their website Telephone No. 011-23670534 and 01123364448. You need to place annual subscription with them.

None of the European countries have post graduation courses in Homoeopathy. There are many homoeopathic softwares available viz Hompath, CARA, Mac Repertory and RADAR.

Hompath Homoeopathic software can be procured from Hompath, 8, New Hari Niwas, Dattatray Road, Santacruz (W), Mumbai - 400 054 India. Tel. : (022) 26172032

RADAR homoeopathic software can be procured from B. Jain Exports India Pvt. Ltd, 1921, Street No. 10th, Chuna Mandi, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi - 11005, Phone No. 23670572, 23683200, Fax - 91-11-2361047, Email and website

CARA Professional :- Sanjeevani Software, 212, 1st Floor, New Mahavir Bldg, Telang Road, Matunga (C. Rly), Mumbai- 400019 (India), Tel : 022- 24014505/24102847, Fax 022-24105998, email sanjvani@, www.

Mac Repertory :- Cosmic Healers Pvt. Ltd, 7393, Sector- B Pocket- 10, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi- 110070, India, Telephone 26890747,2 6123670, 26123702, Fax 26122509, E-mail Website


I am an allopathic doctor with MBBS qualification. I am a general practitioner for the past 15 years. I happened to see your magazine "Homoeopathy for All". I have been interested in knowing more about homoe- opathy and would learn this branch of medicine. As I am a general practitioner I am unable to attend Homoeopathy College and classes. I am 48 years old.

There is lots of advertisement in newspapers about "Learn homoeopathy through correspondence". Please let me know whether there are any such recognized correspondence courses which are legal, I mean Consumer Protection Act. And will I be qualified to practice homoeopathy after completing such correspondence courses?
Dr. R. Prasad


Your interest in homoeopathy is appreciable; however, you will not be a qualified homoeopath and practice homoeopathy by undergoing any so advertised correspondence courses in homoeopathy. Correspondence courses in homoeopathy are not recognized and are illegal activities misguiding the public. Such courses should be reported to the respective state governments, Central Council of Homoeopathy and Govt. of India for suitable action against such institutions.


I give here the case history of my daughter who is a II year BHMS student. The medicines already prescribed by a few homoeopaths are Calcarea carb 1M, Bryonia 1M, Lachesis 1 M, Puls 1M, Nitric acid 1 M and Nux vom 1 M.

Chief complaints: Epilepsy
Duration: 10 years

Allopathic Medicines prescribed are Iamitor 50 mg and Tegretal CR 200.

Before the attack: Globus hystericus, sudden shock rising from epigastric region and rises upwards then unconsciousness with chewing motion of the mouth and face with sweat. This type of attack continues for two to three days sometimes ending with an epileptic attack. During this attack, there is sleepiness, she lies quietly in the bed, no appetite, no thirst, silent just before the attack of fits, hands trembling, eye lids twitching, sparks before the eyes, sometimes a sensation as if a mouse is running from feet to head with loud crying.

During attack: hands and legs are stiff, legs are drawn towards head. Convulsion of eyelids and mouth, sometimes with foam or salivation.

After attack: sleep, wakes without being aware of the attack. Weakness.

Mind: Anxiety about recovery of health. Wants company during globus, weeps when telling her symptoms. Fear of examination. Hurried. Irritable. Escape from house during globus. Involuntary laughter and weeping.

Head: Pain mostly at 12 noon until evening. Aggravation from stooping, noise. Amelioration from lying quietly, sitting bend backwards and sleep. Pain comes suddenly and goes suddenly.

Throat: During globus, mucus in throat ball like. Dryness of throat.

Stomach: Desires sweets, fruits and eggs. During the attack, no appetite, no thirst, no desire for anything.

Rectum: Constipation. Stool first hard and then soft. Itching after stool. Burning like red chilly has been sprinkled.

Urine: Normal

Female: Menses late and scanty, postponed from 5 to 10 days, smell like spoiled eggs, which nauseates the patient. White discharge in between periods smelling like sour (curd). Itching in vag*** after menses. Aggravation by movement and sound.
Sleep: sleepiness during globus and in noon. Late waking in the morning.

Extremities: One week before attack of epilepsy, boring pain from hips to thighs.

Thermal relations: Desires cold, wants to be covered in bed and fanned.

Family history: Mother suffered from same kind of attack up to the age of 9. Grandfather suffered from epilepsy from boyhood to the age of 37. They are quite normal now.
C. Manikkam, Coimbatore


The problem of your daughter is a chronic case having its roots in the family. The homoeopathic drugs so far used by you are very good medicines for the treatment of epilepsy. The information given by you is quite exhaustive, it is very difficult to find out one single drug, and there is need to personally interrogate the patient and evaluate the symptoms. I will suggest you to kindly consult some senior homoeopathic physician in your area and continue treatment for sometime. In such chronic cases, it has been usually seen that the medicine has to be changed frequently with the changes in the sympta- matology. Further, since you have already started anti- epileptic allopathic medicines it will be appropriate if these medicines are not withdrawn abruptly while starting homoeopathic medicines again. It is always better if the medicines are withdrawn gradually after ensuring the positive effect of homoeopathic drugs by way of monitoring the overall condition of the patient.

:: January 2003 ::

What is electrohomoeopathy? Kindly let me know its relationship with homoeopathy? Whether it comes under alternative medicine like yoga, Reiki and naturopathy?

Do electropathy medicines cure any diseases? Is there any harm in taking electro- homoeopathy medicines?
Dr. Vinay Kulkarni


Electro-homoeopathy is not a recognized system of medicine in India and it has no relationship with homoeopathy.


I am a regular subscriber of your magazine since last 1 year . And I am practising allopathy as general practice. But I was so fascinated by your single drug therapy on a couple of patients which showed good results. I want to gain further knowledge about actual practising in homeopathy.

Kindly suggest GUIDELINES on how to start practice and any referral books recommended by you. Your suggestions will be definitely a boon to me and my patients.
Ramesh Elle
on Email


Your interest in homoeopathy is appreciated, however you cannot practice homoeopathy without being qualified by obtaining MINIMUM five and half year's degree course in Bachelor Degree Homoeopathic System of Medicine and Surgery from a recognized university. Correspondence courses in homoeopathy are not recognized courses. You can enrich your knowledge by reading various journals and books and by involving yourself in the promotional and development activities of homoeopathy.


With high expectations I enumerate my ailments for your valuable advice. In this regard I will be highly obliged if you can guide me to obtain the medicines prescribed at a reasonable cost. I want to purchase German medicines also.

I am diabetic for the past eight years. Now I am taking Dianom-M daily, one tablet. Blood sugar level is around 250-300 mg. Once my left-hand shoulder blade had developed unbearable pain, which was occurring at 1 a.m. till 4 a.m. as the sun rises it used to subside. Now the pain is not there after control of blood sugar level.

Reeling sensation or some discomfort is felt in the upper part of the head and a persistent pain in the right arm shoulder. I am not controlling the diet.

Piles (blind) for the past 15 years. I am not taking any treatment.

Burning in the stomach and pain in the left side of the abdomen is felt frequently.

Appendectomy was done in 1990.

Constipation-at times stool has to be induced.

Prostate enlargement
Syed Sherfuddin
Gadwal, Hyderabad


Your case is chronic case requires detailed history and follow up for considerable period, it will be appropriate if you consult any qualified homoeopath in your area or send your case through


I have just completed my B.H.M.S. and I am practicing at Patiala with my father Dr. Manmohan Singh. Kindly let me know:
*Whether we can open a branch of our clinic in any other Asian country? If possible what are the requirements to open a branch in that country?

*Is there any website from where we can get any useful information in this regard?
Dr. Anter Aneja


Congratulations on your completion of BHMS, however there is no reciprocal recognition of Bachelor of Homoeopathic System of Medicine and Surgery in the Asian countries, as such you cannot practice legally in these countries.


I want to know whether diplomas in psychotherapy and in geriatrics will be helpful for a homoeopath or not? If not, are there any other courses or diplomas, which will be helpful for a homoeopath?
Rakhi K
Kannur, Kerala


Knowledge in any field or subject generally enhances the perception. Obtaining diplomas in psychotherapy and in geriatrics as a homoeopath can enrich your knowledge, however your diplomas may not count for any additional benefit from the job point of view. But if you have completed your BHMS you may pursue M. D. (Homoeopathy) in Psychiatry, which shall further deepen the homoeopathic perspective, and this qualification may also benefit in securing jobs.


We had found your address through' the Publication 'Homoeopathy for All'.

This is to bring to your kind notice that a friend of our's, their young daughter is suffering with a type of Cancer 'Retinoblastoma' which causes blindness of the eyes.

We wish to know if there is a positive cure for the above-mentioned dreaded cancer in homoeopathy or any alternative systems.

May we request you to kindly treat this letter of urgency and please send us your reply to our Email ID Thanking you for sparing your valuable time. Looking forward in right earnest in hearing from you at the earliest convenient.


It is a difficult condition to treat. In cancer care cures are rare to achieve and treatment, which improves the quality of life and prolongs it are appreciated. If you are interested you may send complete case history through for specific advice.


My son R. Shyam Sundar (aged 19) is having health problem and I am sending his medical report to you.
His symptoms are:

:: Not able to walk independently. So we must hold him while he walks.
:: Right side back bone is projecting.
:: Unable to sit and stand himself without support.
:: Speech is not clear.

Dr. Cherian, heart specialist at Madras Medical Mission has prescribed Inderal 20 mg, morning and night, which is being given regularly to him.

Homoeopathic medicines have also been prescribed by a few local homoeopaths here but without any improvement. Please advice.
P.S. Krishnabai
Anand Ashram


Your son's case is a chronic case and requires detailed history and follow up for considerable period. It will be appropriate if you consult any qualified homoeopath in your area or send the case details through




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