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An Overview of Geriatric Disorders and the Role of Homoeopathy

Prof. Dr. Diwan Harish Chand

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Role of Homoeopathy
Considering that even the medical problems of the aged have an undercurrent of social and psychological causes a holistic approach is necessary and this is the hallmark of homoeopathy. It considers man as a composite being, a multidimensional entity, a synthetic unit of life consciousness and intelligence. This is in sharp contrast to the localised specialist approach of orthodox or allopathic physicians medicines. Besides the dependence is not so much on technology and lab finding and diagnostic label but a consideration of the constitution of the patient and his interaction with the environment taken in the widest sense and includes the role of mind and emotional factors.

There is the added advantage of freedom from iatrogenesis or side effects of medicines. I will only quote these encyclopedia britannica, it says “despite all precautions it is a fact that more poisoning is due to medicines that to any other cause.”

The factor of cost has also to be kept in mind. The Alma-Ata declaration in defining its strategy mentioned”... At a cost that a community and a country can afford”. President V.V. Giri once told me that not only the health budget but even if we use the entire budget of the country we cannot provide medical aid to our population through allopathy.

Problems of the Aged
The problems are social and medical. In a survey carried out in the West, the chief problems of the old have been worked out as follows:

Financial 72%
Boredom 30%
Health 29%
Social 19%
Housing 13%

Most people get some disability in course of time careful surveys have shown that even the so called healthy old have a few disorders.

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