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Ferrum Phosphoricum
Guiding Symptoms
  • Complaints often come on from over exertion
  • It is indicated in early stages of many illnesses
  • Great weakness and the desire to lie down
  • Haemorrhagic complaints
  • Nosebleed
  • Worse in open air
  • Better for gentle motion
Haemorrhagic Complaints
It is useful for bleeding problems with great weakness and a desire to lie down. There may be fainting spells.

There are congestion and a vascular fullness, pulsation and rush of blood. Flushes of the face and a flushed face-a false plethora that is often confined to well defined patches on the cheeks.

It is indicated in first stage of coryza with an acrid and purulent or a bloody discharge. Nosebleeds may come with the coryza.

Ferrum phosphoricum is an excellent remedy to bring down the fever. It should be given in 6x potency at repeated intervals.

Eupatorium Perfoliatum
Guiding Symptoms
  • Aching in bones, which feel as if they would break
  • Winter colds with much sneezing, coryza and headache that feel as if it would burst
  • Chill at 7-9 P.M.
  • Worse for motion
Eupatorium perf is an excellent remedy for influenza with great aching in the bones. There is a sore lame bruised feeling all over the body with a sensation as if the bones would break.

Headache also accompanies the fever. The patient is worse for motion. An attack may begin with the sensation as if the back was breaking, with great shivering all over, a congestive headache and flushed face. There is high fever, bilious vomiting and aching bones.

It treats common winter colds with much sneezing, coryza and bursting headache, which is worse for motion. The patient is chilly and wants to be wrapped up warmly and has much aching in the bones.

Guiding Symptoms
  • A gentle, mild person desiring attention
  • Changeable in mood
  • Desires company and comforting which makes condition better
  • Worse for heat, they desire cool open air
  • Flushes of the face
  • Better for slow gentle motion
  • Thirstlessness
  • Changeablity is marked
  • Catarrhs thick, yellow-green bland
  • Digestive complaints worse in the morning, mental complaints worse in the evening
Common cold
It is indicated in later stages of cold with yellowish, green discharges. Thirstlessness is marked. There may be loss of smell or taste.

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