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The French call it, the Devil’s Turnip, the Poisonous Bryonia holds Tremendous Therapeutic Value

Dr. S. Varma

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Dryness, a keynote feature of the remedy runs in all complaints. All mucous membranes are dry. Lips are dry and parched, mouth is dry and skin is dry.

Mouth is dry and the patient has increased thirst for large quantities of cold water at long intervals.

Bryonia also relieves toothache that is better for cold drinks and pressure.

Bryonia is such a remedy that has an affinity for nearly all the organs of the body. It relieves stomach complaints such as indigestion with a sensation of a stone in the stomach. There is a bitter taste in the mouth and nausea and vomiting that is worse for motion.

Bryonia is an excellent remedy for constipation with dry, hard stools but only very low potencies are useful in this condition. It suits infants and children.

The complaints in Bryonia usually come on at the beginning of a warm spell after cold weather.

Bryonia is also indicated in joint pains which are stitching in character and are better by lying on the painful side. The patient feels better by lying down and is worse when moving around or slightest motion. The pain is better by pressure.

Guiding Symptoms
  • Complaints come on slowly, are continuous or remittent
  • Much worse for motion
  • Worse for heat and stuffy rooms
  • Better for pressure
  • Extreme irritability
  • A sluggish state of mind
  • Headache accompanies almost all illnesses
  • Stitching, tearing pains
  • Dryness
  • Great thirst for large quantities of cold water
Bryonia is a vine like plant, the tendrils of which attatch themselves to their support. The plant is related to cucumber and shares its hairy, deeply cut, five-lobed leaves and stems. Bryonia produces small white green flowers in spring and pale scarlet berries in autumn which are unpleasant in smell. The whole plant tastes acrid and bitter.

Habitat: Bryonia grows abundantly in hedgerows and woods in Southern Europe. It grows in damp soil. The rootstock of this plant is used to make the remedy.

Bryonia Personality
The susceptible patient is usually dark, robust and well built. The person is averse to effort, even thought or conversation. He is calculating, prudent, methodical, preoccupied with security, convinced that his method is best but anxious and worried about poverty.

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