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A Fantasy in Materia Medica (Great Grandpa Homoeopathy's Family Reunion)

Prof. Dr. Diwan Harish Chand

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After meals their craving is specially felt in different parts of the world, her followers express their love in different ways. There is the class that relishes chewing bits. The popularity of this form of enjoyment has reduced considerably in the West but in the East it is still common and it is indulges in as such or more specially enclosed in the tender folds of betel as in India and Pakistan. In neighboring Ceylon too, people ask for their ''chew''. Another class, which again is dwindling, enjoyed the smell of it. Not just a distant smell, they sniff at it in a vulgar fashion and get its aroma to the interior of their nostrils. To please this dame they keep beautiful snuffboxes. The third and the largest class today consists of those sadists that derive pleasure in burning up their mistress and then puffing the smoke. Some go to the extent of putting live embers on her and then puffing through long pipes. Some invite their friends also to share in the enjoyment and have a puff, though the practice is most unhygienic.

Particular slave to the Dame Nicotiana are the fiery Mr. Staphysagria and Mr. Tabacum himself while the pulsating and congestive Mr. Glonoine is very fond of puffing at his "pipe of peace".

Miss Ignatia leads the team of Anti-Dame Nicotiana group. She just cannot stand her and even insists on an absolute apartheid or segregation of the admirers of this Dame. She has been able to get this right conceded by the railway authorities in the West and in Cinema halls. She feels bad in many ways at even a contact with the puffed smoke. It gets on her nerves and brings on a headache and even toothache gets worse. Her whole being sort of revolts at seeing people indulging in these puffs. Miss Ignatia has a number of followers here but the chief ones with similar repugnance are her emotional friend, Miss Pulsatilla and the flabby Calcarea carbonica, even though Calcarea craves so many other odd things. Senorita Cantharis is a prominent member of this team in Spain. This group is also strongly supported by the brave warrior community of Sikhs in India, who do not let her come anywhere near them.

And for those that have suffered badly at her hands and now feel nauseating sickness the great grandpa benevolently lends the service of Camphora, Coffea cruda and Ipecacuanha, besides recommending household things as sour apples and vinegar; for the occipital headache and vertigo, the yellow jasmine flower alias Gelsemium; for toothache the sleepy Mr. Clematis erecta and Miss Ignatia. Miss Ignatia also joins her friend Miss Pulsatilla to help the sufferers of hiccough. The washerwoman Sepia knows the trick to cure chronic nervousness, dyspepsia and neuralgia in face. Spigelia, Phosphorus and Caladium come in where the damage is more grave and the heart is affected. Phosphorus is also summoned for aid if vision has been affected and there is s*x**l weakness. If it has gone on to the extent of actual impotence you seek the help of Lycopodium clavatum. Wine comes in handy as a ready aid for spasms and cold sweat from excessive indulgence in this craving. Arsenicum album is restless to generally help those suffering from the effects of "chew".

The old saying goes that ''prevention is better than cure''. The great grandpa realising the dangers of this enslavement had deputed Miss Plantago majus and Caladium seguinum to help these unfortunate people shake off the stranglehold of the Dame and forget her. Of course those that sought their help had to exercise a little will power themselves and resist the temptations. Then alone could these agents be of service. A few high powered stimuli of the dynamis of Tabacum itself could also help to combat the craving.

It was left to the followers of the illustrious and gifted Hahnemann to perceive some good even in this condemned dame and by careful handling and extracting her finer spirit in the way taught them by their great master put her to use in many conditions, especially sickening conditions including mal de mer; visual disturbances; angina pains; despondency etc.

That brought to a close this most interesting of dinners which exhibited how diverse people can be in this aspect of eating habits, in their cravings and aversions in choosing friends and making enemies. Of how they slept, what they dreamt and what they suffered during the night and next morning I shall try to relate on another occasion.

From ‘A compendium of lectures on homoeopathy’ by Prof. Dr. Diwan Harish Chand with due permission from the author and the publisher.

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