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A Fantasy in Materia Medica (Great Grandpa Homoeopathy's Family Reunion)

Prof. Dr. Diwan Harish Chand

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The gong was sounded and the dinner served . The hungry folks, sick of the loquacious Lachesis who kept talking irrelevantly and unconnectedly, were glad to get away and have some food. Mr. Iodium dashed for the table as if he was the hungriest of the lot. He sure ate a lot and frequently, as he felt all round better for eating. Yet he would lose weight and was a dark spare person. So they nicknamed him as "Withering glutton". Cina ate much because it had to feed the hungry worms. H.M. Sulphur and Psorinum were the undisputed leaders of Psora and like the classical royalties of old they just didn't know how much to eat and when to finish. All the same H.M. Sulphur used to get a sinking sensation in the stomach in the forenoon and was obliged to have some snacks.

Mr. Thyroid, the factory owner (whose contractor for supply of raw material was Mr. Iodium, the "Withering glutton") had his engine running too fast. So much of his food was uselessly burnt up. He had to eat too much to compensate for the waste. His popular and social friend, Miss Pulsatilla, a tearful blonde with a pleasing, mild and gentle manner, never knew her mind, like her hysterical friend Miss Ignatia. She kept changing and did not know what she would like to eat. In any case her digestion was delicate and she had an aversion to fatty food, pork, pastries and such like and if she ever took these they did not agree with her. She liked cold food and here she had the company of the lanky Mr. Phosphorus, who liked everything cold. Not many were keen on the hot soup. Master Calcarea arsenica with his cirrhotic liver, liked it and thought the others didn't know what they were missing. Arsenicum and Mossy Lycopodium took the soup as they just wanted some warm drink. A waitress carrying bread rolls jokingly sang:

Hot cross buns, hot cross buns,

One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns.

If you have no daughter, give them to your son.

Lycopodium did not like bread even with the soup. Lachesis also had a repugnance to bread, which she found impossible to swallow. Lycopodium and Lachesis are great friends inspite of the fact that one keeps to the right and other to the left. The idiotic master Baryta muriaticum (son of Barium and Muriatic acid) helped himself to quite a few rolls. He liked dry bread. Mercurius could not understand the point in taking dry bread when bread and butter is so tempting. People considered Baryta muriaticum rather dull to understand his sensitive, brooding and reserved hypochondriac of a stepsister Natrum muriaticum (daughter of the caustic Natrum and corrosive Muriatic acid, master of gastric digestion). Natrum muriaticum and her Peruvian friend Cinchona hated bread. Their friendship was real and many a time when Cinchona's refined daughter quinine made an unholy alliance with Ague, Natrum muriaticum could restore order. Arsenicum and Lycopodium parted company with their cousin Phosphorus to go and get some food, which was served hot. Lycopodium thought he was very hungry and so took a large helping but felt full and bloated after a few mouthfuls. Flatulence was his constant complaint especially lower abdomen. The other of the twins also christened Lycopodium, ate much. His appetite increased while eating and he felt hungry even after a meal.

There was a small group of children, all little devils. The rickety, box-headed, young Calcarea phosphorica hunted for some bacon in the mixed grill. He was not only fond of bacon but could eat even the thick and useless rind-the margin on the side of fat. Eggs, especially boiled were the favourite of Calcarea carbonica, the fair, fat and flabby glaxo baby. But he had some other strange cravings that he indulged in secret with his friends, Alumina, Acidum nitricum and Nux vomica.

He ate lime, slate pencils, earth chalk, clay and such like. Would even lick the walls when mama wasn't around to scold. They were not so friendly to Senor Tarentula of Spain who only ate sand or ashes. Cicuta took charcoal but Alumina and Acidum nitricum would join here too. Calcarea carbonica liked even raw potatoes. He seemed to lead all others in pushing so many incredible things down his throat.

Alumina liked his food dry-no gravy and nor curries, while Baryta muriaticum, as we observed liked dry bread.

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